Sacrificing time to make it a better place

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Joe Webb, Chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party

I recently attempted to recruit a really solid gentleman to run for office. He’s a good man with a wife and children who has a solid career. To my regret he said “no.” He told me he actually liked being a husband to his wife and a dad to his kids. He smiled because the prior weekend one of his kids had actually ridden a two-wheel bike for the first time. His happiness was palpable and so was mine. What he didn’t notice was my regret that someone so grounded wouldn’t sacrifice to engage in service to his county and state.
Of course, this gentleman is probably doing the world a bigger favor by rearing his six children properly with his wife. He repeated the truism that politics is a rough business and why would he want to leave his wife and kids to do THAT. It’s hard to fault him for his attitude. It was the Roman consul Cincinnatus who left his farm and his plow to govern the Roman republic in the fourth century B.C. He was granted near absolute authority over the Roman republic during a period of crisis. When the crisis was over he relinquished his power and returned to his farm.
We should have such citizen rulers in today’s United States. Ideally, people should sacrifice some of their time to serve their community to make it a better place. Once their term is complete they ought to return to their business or profession. Colorado has a constitutional amendment for term limits which places new blood in law-making bodies every once in a while. That’s certainly better than Congress where no such term limits exist. A Congressman in a safe district can have that job for life with a little bit of luck. Nice work if you can get it.
That’s one of the reasons politics is such a rough business. Who wouldn’t resort to anything to keep such a sweet gig? For every Congressman there are state legislators and county officials below them. Below them there are city officials and so on down the line. It would be false to think that every politician is just in it for a shallow reason like money or power, but it is also foolish not to recognize that some are just self-serving egotists.
Those self-serving egotists want the title but not the actual job that comes with the title. If you’re different and actually wish to serve I have a job in mind for you. Jefferson County has 258 precincts that all elect precinct committee people to serve as their neighborhood’s voice on the county central committee. Next March 6, when we caucus, each precinct will elect a precinct committeeperson to serve their neighbors on the central committee of the Jefferson County Republican Party. Run, win and then serve.
If you do win this, you will possess a great way to help control things in our little corner of the world Jefferson County, Colorado. If you have complaints about the GOP, you can at least help to make sure that they are heard. The GOP is ultimately what the people make of it. Put in your time at the wheel of service in an attempt to help make things better. But like the guy I mentioned above keep your priorities in proper order. This isn’t about you, but rather the opportunity to help.