Peace like a wheel

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Wilmot Elementary students create pinwheels as part of celebrating a Day Without Hate

By Deb Hurley Brobst

A small sea of homemade pinwheels adorned the lawn outside Wilmot Elementary School on Friday, a silent tribute to peace and kindness.

The pinwheels, created by students, teachers and parents, were part of the school’s celebration of the annual Day Without Hate. The day is set aside to promote nonviolence, unity and respect in schools.

By 8 a.m. Friday — an hour before school started — a half-dozen students, flanked by their parents and a couple of staff members, inserted the pinwheels into the ground. The pinwheels were still in the calm morning air.

The instigators of the pinwheel tribute to kindness hoped teachers would use the display as a jumping-off point to talk about how to stop bullying.

“We thought the pinwheels were age-appropriate,” said Jean Holden, the school’s attendance secretary and the person behind the display. “We want the kids to see them when they get off the bus.”

The pinwheels were brightly colored, some with messages about kindness: “I love my family,” “lots of hugs,” “forgive” and “peace.”

Wilmot principal Dannae McReynolds brought out a pinwheel she made, adorned with hearts in purple and red — her favorite colors — with the message “all 4 love.”

She was pleased with the display and the message it sent to Wilmot students.

“We’re encouraging the teachers to talk with their students about kindness,” McReynolds said. “We’re encouraging them to walk out here.

This year, we’re trying to make it more meaningful for kids.”

Brothers Evan and Logan Gwaltney arrived at school early to help place the pinwheels.

Evan, a third-grader, said he wrote “no bullying — time for love” on his pinwheel.

Logan, a second-grader, said it was important that the school salute a Day Without Hate. He said he wrote “peace” on his pinwheel because “when there’s peace, there’s no bullying.”

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