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The 2020 presidential election and direction of the country


In response to Justin Dick’s July 10 response to my letter regarding the 2020 presidential election and the direction of the country:

Mr. Dick apparently believes countries that operate under socialism, the baby step precursor to communism, have a happier population. I disagree. Mr. Dick might want to ask people who are here from Venezuela or the former U.S.S.R. or those who escaped from Cuba if they liked that system.

I also say this having been in East Berlin many years before the wall came down and what I witnessed visiting Russia years ago before the end of the U.S.S.R. The promised utopia of socialism does not exist. Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged” presents much to consider about the subject as does a fascinating true story: “Mig Pilot” by John Barron.

Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles are cities that have exhibited high levels of affluence, been attractive tourist destinations, and thriving hubs of industry and business. New are the mounds of trash that are not being removed, needles, feces, large homeless populations and the typhoid infection of an LA police officer.

These issues were not something previously confounding tourists or even business owners. This situation has increased since the declaration of sanctuary cities under the leadership of the left. To equate the recent problems of these large cities to chronic low-income levels in a small rural state like Kentucky is ridiculous.

The “right-wing fantasy” of live-birth abortion is a fact, legal and now a law. The New York legislature gave a standing, cheering ovation when the bill from Kathy Tran passed. Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia, described the events post-birth when the “infant is made comfortable” and then “a discussion will ensue.” If only this wasn’t true.

The “Green New Deal” came forward from A.O. Cortez, and it does say: no cows, no plane travel, no gas-powered cars and more. On the national scene, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris have both spoken about it. AOC’s press secretary admitted the GND is not about climate, it’s about changing our economy to a socialist one.

As if enough of your tax dollars were thrown at the man-made climate hoax, we won’t die in 12 years like we are told will happen by AOC and by Al Gore years ago. In reality, the Green New Deal is masquerading for a UN document written in 1992 called “Agenda 21” and now, updated, “Agenda 2030,” which includes the New World Constitution for all of us.

And I submit to you that the UN is no longer a benevolent, peace-keeping organization. It is run by dictators and communists who hate our freedom and are salivating for control of America.

Kathleen Hames