OTM: Sabotaging your weight loss efforts

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The time has changed and there was a winter storm last week. A sure sign of spring! With thoughts of spring, come thoughts of outdoor activities and our 2019 goals. If you are working on losing weight but haven’t been successful, perhaps you are unwittingly sabotaging your efforts. Below are the top reasons why people do so. Can you identify with any of them?

• 1. Being on a diet. Any diet. By definition, diets are typically restrictive, and unrealistic to follow for very long. In addition, some exclude whole groups of foods that can provide needed vitamins and minerals. In nine years of coaching clients on weight loss, I have yet to meet a single person that has lost weight and kept it off long-term by “dieting.”

• 2. Skipping workouts. If you are missing one to two workouts per week, that can add up to eight missed workouts in a month. That’s a lot of calories you are not getting to burn.

• 3. Not working hard enough while working out. There is a reason it is called a ‘work’ out and that is because it is WORK. If you are not challenging your body and making it work hard at every workout, how can you expect it to change?

• 4. Eating too much food. Most people eat larger portions than they need to. For one day, read labels, consider serving sizes, measure your food out and really see what you are eating. It can be very eye-opening!

• 5. Drinking too many calories. You can be eating ‘clean’ and exercising consistently, but if you are drinking alcohol multiple nights a week, you are completely sabotaging your efforts.

• 6. Relying too much on apps/tools that incorrectly calculate calories in/out. If you are relying on calorie counts on apps, websites, restaurant menus or the readout on your treadmill, don’t. Most “calorie counts” are inaccurate and most “calorie burning” numbers are way off and don’t take into account an individual’s basal metabolic rate.

• 7. Not being honest with yourself. We often underestimate how badly we actually eat and overestimate our exercise. Get real with yourself and be honest about your efforts. Identify where you can get better. Then, DO IT!

• 8. Not being truly motivated and willing to make sacrifices. You might WANT to lose weight but are you truly COMMITTED to losing weight? The truth might be painful to discover. You will have to sacrifice something in order to meet your weight loss goals. Be it giving up alcohol or restaurant meals for a while, or sacrificing your precious free time to exercise, be aware that if you aren’t willing to sacrifice something in order to achieve your weight loss goals, you will not lose weight. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can get on with the business of either achieving your goals or making peace with your current weight.

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