Letter to the editor

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By The Staff

Rockies World Series ticket nightmare

OK ... I spent three hours online today trying to get Rockies tickets for the World Series. I waited 45 minutes and finally got access to the Rockies Ticket Purchase section of the website — yeeha! I had my pick in the Rock Pile-yes! I got four seats together (Section 402, Rows 14 and 15, seats 43 and 44 in each Row). I selected them — my kids were to be so excited! I put them in my shopping cart, $65 a piece, with an $8 fee and a $10 processing fee — deal of the century. I read the four ticket per game, per person rule —yeah baby, I’m in! I review my selections, I then hit purchase tickets. What? Same wait screen as logging in to buy tickets? What? 120 seconds, and then 120 seconds, and then 120 seconds and on-and-on. What? "This page cannot be displayed" error? I see the seven minutes ticking away until my cart gets emptied and I will be sent on my way home with no tickets. I try for two hours (each time I am redirected the time-out clock stops on the purchase page) to buy the tickets the site says are mine. I keep getting the 120 second wait page — due to the server being busy. Then all I get is the ‘This page cannot be displayed’ error. I have four tickets that are available and reserved for me and I cannot buy them due to the under-sizing of the servers for this simple e-commerce transaction. I am turned away as I time out and my tickets vaporize before my eyes. It is like that old Seinfeld episode when he tries to rent a car. "You can take my reservation, you just can’t hold the reservation." My version is: "You can take my ticket order, you just can’t figure out how I can pay for the tickets?" C’mon Rockies, you should have figured that out. Don’t let them fool you Denver. This did not go smoothly and it did not work. I want the seats you promised me from your nightmarish electronic exercise!

Bob Wescott