Global-warming case was one-sided

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By Howard Sperry

I read with interest the article by Sandy Barnes on the Mike Nelson-Jim White presentations at The Place on global warming. Since I know that both Nelson and White hold those beliefs, I am sure that Sandy reported accurately. I would question, though, their simplistic, one-sided explanation offered for a complex system; as Paul Harvey used to say, “We need the rest of the story.”
As warming alarmists like Nelson and White were bashing carbon dioxide for causing global warming, a funny thing happened — it stopped warming. CO2 has continued merrily increasing, now nearing 400 ppm, but the global average temperature has not increased for 17 years. Yes, it warmed during the 20th century, a total of 0.8 degree C during two different warming periods (1910-45 and 1977-97) and may warm again, but it is not warming now. This fact is terribly embarrassing to the warmists; they usually try to ignore it, as I suspect Nelson and White did. It is why they have changed the narrative: it was global warming, then climate change; now it’s climate disruption or extremes. To suggest as Nelson did that any skeptic on the subject of CO2 believes that climate change is a myth is to ignore the fact that the skeptics have been arguing for a more complex understanding of climate — one that is more complex than CO2 is the cause of all things evil.
Both Nelson and White recited the usual litany of record temperatures, rising seas and melting ice caps, all of which are only partly true. 2012 was a warm year, at least in the U.S., though not globally. When you have many new temperature measuring stations, every warm reading will be a record. Few of those recording records were around during the hot, dust bowl years of the 1930s.
White stated that the seas would be 3 feet higher in 2100, flooding Miami and central California. A recent report from NOAA stated that sea levels were rising at only 1.3 mm per year. With 87 years left in this century (before 2100), that is less than 4½ inches — a far cry from the 3 feet flooding Miami.
Both Nelson and White decried the denigration of scientists. I don’t denigrate scientists; I have worked with scientists in many disciplines for many years. I do denigrate those so-called scientists who have become advocates prostituting their science to please their political masters who control the purse strings.
Finally, White had to bring in equality and women’s rights. The fossil fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity that he decries have done more to free women than any other technical advance that has been made. If you wish to reduce the Earth’s population, provide ample economic food and fuel to permit women’s increased wealth and education, and the birth rate will decrease immediately.

Howard Sperry is an Evergreen resident.