Firefighters rescue two deer from icy waters of Evergreen Lake

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By Beth Potter

Evergreen firefighters donned wetsuits Tuesday to rescue two deer that had wandered onto the rapidly thinning ice of Evergreen Lake.


The deer and the firefighters were all fine afterward.

A person walking around Evergreen Lake made a 911 call about 1 p.m. after seeing the deer floundering on the ice, said Evergreen Fire Chief Mike Weege.

Ice-rescue crew members suited up in their wetsuits and headed onto the thin ice to create a water channel for the deer to swim back to shore. In some places where the ice was thick, the ice-rescue crew cut it with a chainsaw, Weege said.

When the deer got close to shore, the firefighters were able to lasso them and pull them onto the bank. One deer got up pretty quickly and walked away, while the other rested for a short time, Weege said. 

“Nobody was hurt. It was a successful rescue,” Weege said.

Eleven personnel from Evergreen Fire/Rescue responded. Jeffco deputies, animal control and a representative from the Evergreen Metro District also responded.

The EMD is responsible for the water in the lake.

By midday Wednesday, all ice was gone from the lake.