Fire district website is hacked

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By Beth Potter

The website of the Evergreen Fire Protection District was hacked last Thursday and was still down on Monday — a $2,000 annoyance for the fire district.

The district’s information technology workers are rebuilding the entire website and plan to have it back online early this week, said Fire Chief Mike Weege. It does not appear that any sensitive information was stolen, Weege said. 

A note was put on the website saying it had been “hacked.” A Google search of Evergreen Fire Protection District currently comes up with the tag words: “Hacked by Defacer JP.- Anony JP.”

“It’s more costly and annoying, because they really don’t go in to steal any information or anything,” Weege said.

The website includes scheduling and background information on the district.

It appears that the way the website had been set up exposed a vulnerability that any hacker could find by doing a Google search of specific information, Weege said. Rebuilding the site will “make sure it’s completely clean,” he said.