EPRD marketing manager stresses importance of communication

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By Sandy Barnes

 "Communication is a vital part of my job," said Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt, marketing manager for the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.

During her presentation to EPRD board members recently, Hamm-Greenawalt said she has expanded the scope of her position to include both marketing and communications. In the past year since she took the part-time job, she has represented the district as a speaker at community functions in addition to promoting its multitude of programs.

"We are considered the cultural hub of this community," she said. 

The district’s programs are wide-ranging, plus the "crown jewel" of the district, the Evergreen Lake House and Park, offer activities and events that are increasingly popular, she added.

"We're an integral part of the community," Hamm-Greenawalt remarked. "We're a year-round product."

While discussing her efforts as marketing manager, Hamm-Greenawalt said she has been using the Internet and social media extensively to reach out to the community and news media.

"E-mail marketing is one of the most effective techniques," she said. "We have a list of almost 9,000 people. That's a really nice list."

Facebook is the district’s prime social media tool, Hamm-Greenawalt added. "Our Facebook pages are going gangbusters. ... The more you engage, the more people come."

She also called the EPRD website a communication hub for the park district. 

In the 2013 marketing and communications plan she developed, Hamm-Greenawalt included a suggestion for branding by creating a tagline. Her suggestions included "Fitness and fun for all generations,” “Play local” and “Your mountain fitness home."

Developing a tagline would be a process that would take time and effort among the staff and the board, she remarked.

Hamm-Greenawalt also discussed a three-tier marketing strategy, which she and EPRD staff use to promote events and programs. Activities fall into three categories, she said: EPRD activities, partnered events and outside activities in which groups use district facilities. The level of promotion that EPRD staff does depends on the level of involvement it has with an event, she said. 

"I think that Lisa and her position are a good example of working hard to be strategic," said Scott Robson, EPRD executive director.

Since hiring Hamm-Greenawalt, there has been "amazing growth in our ability to communicate," Robson said.

"I'd like to thank Lisa," said Ellen O'Connor, EPRD recreation manager. "She has done a great job."


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