El Rancho restaurant building still for sale

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Meanwhile sign stays lit

By Beth Potter

They’re still keeping the lights on at the El Rancho restaurant.

The swoopy, orange El Rancho sign is lit up nightly, even though the landmark restaurant has not been open since 2011.

Doug Antonoff, president of Antonoff & Co. and manager of El Rancho Investors LLC, is the one paying to keep the lights on. He said he’s not sure offhand how much he has paid in electricity costs.

The building and property are still up for sale because investors haven’t gotten an offer that they’re willing to accept, Antonoff said. Two years ago, investors decided to sell the restaurant because they wanted to put their money into other ventures.

El Rancho’s asking price? It’s now $1.375 million. That’s down from $1.7 million because of damage in the building that came from a water pipe break, Antonoff said.

The restaurant building at the Evergreen Parkway exit and Interstate 70 includes a 60-seat deck with mountain views. It’s been a Colorado icon for more than 60



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