EChO sale tailored to crafters

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By Penny Randell

This Saturday, Evergreen Christian Outreach stretches its giving and inventive arms beyond usual boundaries with a trunk sale devoted to crafts.
Recently its catchy slogan “All the Yarn You Could Ever Want” has been publicized throughout the area. The event will take place in EChO’s Resale Store parking lot in Evergreen North just south of the post office, and the store itself will man a booth. In addition, there will be resale store sales with coupons handed out during the day.
The idea of a trunk sale began with EChO volunteers. Liz Hawkins recognized that all artisans have precious stash buried deep in their private drawers and closets. It was her idea to place some of this bounty before the public, enabling more crafts to be shared within the community.
When Lori Frease, development director for EChO, heard the idea she jumped on board.
Volunteers Dale Morse and Lynda Lyle have been working tirelessly to spread the word.
“This is a first-time event, and we consider it to be a spring cleaning of sorts. We are expecting quite the turnout as Evergreen loves crafts,” said Morse.
Locals were invited to rent a spot for $15 to sell handmade crafts as well as components from their trunks. Lyle, who is a major beader said, “I have collected beads from all over the world and have a stash of extras that you wouldn’t believe. It’s hard to let go, but I have plenty of yarn up for grabs.”
Efforts to support the mountain community mean hard work from EChO volunteers and employees. Besides the retail store, EChO operates a food pantry that offers nutritional foods to those in need. Goods brought to the bank by many local donors are placed before the public, allowing them to shop at their own discretion.
This pantry has been recognized as a model food bank. EChO purposely allows shoppers to choose their own items within established guidelines. They believe that choice is a freedom everyone appreciates, and offering it in a food bank can build a client’s self-worth and confidence.
Other EChO accomplishments include the completion of its first year with the Emergency Shelter Program. This branch of the organization opened in October. It sheltered individuals on the coldest winter nights until April. After closing, ESP was nominated by the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce as Best Non-Profit of the Year.
But that’s far from all of EChO’s endeavors. Its Enrichment Center provides free employment and support for those seeking jobs and serves employers throughout the mountain community. Again, EChO fosters independence. The center provides referrals designed to get people on your feet.
Now, there’s the trunk sale.
“Because it’s Memorial Day weekend, we are geared for many. It’s going to be lots of fun seeing all the stash that comes in,” said Lyle.
The sale is expecting to offer stamps, fabrics, yarn, beads, scrapbook and holiday items as well as crafts. Morse said,
“This is a great way for people who love crafts to share and let some of their stash meet the public.”