Da Kind brews a broth of kindness

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Popular soup restaurant collects donations for affected businesses

By Deb Hurley Brobst

As the floodwaters receded on Sept. 16, Da Kind Soups decided to help downtown businesses hurt by the natural disaster.

The restaurant, owned by Dustin and Ariane Speck, usually holds fund-raisers for local groups on Mondays. On Sept. 16, it asked the Evergreen High School tennis team to postpone its fund-raiser, and in its place, the Specks asked for donations to help local businesses.

In one day, Da Kind raised $1,101.89. The response was so good that the business decided to leave the donation jar out for the rest of the week. By Wednesday, an additional $780 had been raised.

The donations were split among four businesses heavily impacted by the flood: Cactus Jack’s Saloon, which is still closed because of water damage; J.P. Total, which reopened Saturday after floodwaters reached as high as 4 feet in its building; and Twigs and Mountain Gypsy, a new downtown Evergreen store that opened two weeks ago. Both stores had a few inches of sewage on their floors. They have cleaned up the mess and are open for business.

“It’s very difficult for businesses when they have to close for a few days,” Ariane Speck said. “We just wanted to help them.”

Bill Rickert, co-owner of Twigs with his wife, Christy, said it was a surprise when someone from Da Kind came in with a check. The money helps with cleanup costs and to offset the revenue lost when the children’s consignment shop was closed for five days.

“The check definitely helped,” Rickert said.

Janice Stutters, owner of Seasonally Yours in downtown, called the Specks and Da Kind phenomenal for raising money to help businesses.

“We have so much to be grateful for,” she said. “The camaraderie and support among the downtown businesses is phenomenal.”


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