4-year-old Kai Bianco continues his recovery after being bitten by the family dog three years ago

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Kai Bianco likes to fly — on swings, that is.


The 4-year-old, who was bitten in the head by the family dog when he was 9 months old, loves to play on the swings at Kittredge Park.

He prefers going higher and higher as his parents, Shelby Foley and Brandon Bianco, push. Sometimes he opts to get out of one swing, only to move to the neighboring swing.

“Go fast,” he says repeatedly to his parents, and when he does, he adds: “Man, I am going fast.”

He is a busy, talkative child. He still favors his right side and is behind about 6 months in speech because of wounds he suffered in the accident, but he’s catching up, his parents say.

“He’s walking so much better,” Foley said of Kai, who began walking just before his third birthday. “He loves slides and going to parks. As long as we’re not inside, he’s happy.”

They say he has excellent memory skills and quickly learns people’s names. He loves to sing and talk about preschool.

On March 4, 2014, Foley was cleaning in the living room of their Evergreen home and turned around to find Kai pinned to the couch by Simon, a 5-year-old, 70-pound American bulldog who had been the family pet for four years. Simon’s jaws were around Kai’s head.

Evergreen Fire/Rescue paramedics and Flight for Life personnel transported Kai to Children’s Hospital, where he underwent numerous surgeries. The dog was euthanized soon after the incident. The first responders and Flight for Life crew received awards for their heroic work to save Kai.

Kai will spend one more year in preschool at Fletcher Miller School for children with special needs in Lakewood to get some additional physical and speech therapy, but his parents hope he will be at the same development level as his peers and ready to attend preschool in Evergreen in 2018.

He is still missing part of his skull, and doctors don’t want to replace it for several more years until his head has grown more.

Kai got a bike for his birthday and he’s slowly learning to pedal. And when that doesn’t work for him, he gets off and pulls it by the handlebars.

With Kai in school, Foley also has gone back to school, first to become a certified nursing assistant and then to get a degree in nursing. She wants to be a pediatric nurse, in part because of everything that has happened to her son.

Brandon continues to operate Evergreen Delivery Service.


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