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  • Turnovers turn tide

    turn•o•ver  tûrn´ö´ver

    1. (in a game) the loss of possession of the ball to the opposing team.

    2. a small pie made by folding a piece of pastry over on itself to enclose a sweet filling.

    Evergreen boys basketball coach Scott Haebe has seen far too many possessions lost to the opposing team this season; and probably not nearly enough pastries.

  • If it smells bad, leave it alone

    Of all the different animals one can encounter in our woods, there is one that most people tend to avoid like the plague. Skunks are not popular with anyone, even though they are generally quite friendly and have no intention of doing us any harm. Their terrible odor has earned them the respect of all other animals, including man.

  • Solitaries defend their winter...

    It looks like this may be a good year for winter birds. There is a bumper crop of “berries” on the Rocky Mountain cedar trees in our area and a heavy yield of cones on the blue spruce and Douglas fir trees. Townsend’s solitaires have already moved into the area to feast on blue berries on cedar trees, and it is highly probable that crossbills will discover the spruce and Douglas fir crop before the winter is over.

  • And the birds still sing

    As most of the readers of this column know, my dear husband, Bill, passed away on Nov. 19. Since that time the Canyon Courier has been most helpful to me in many ways, including reprinting past columns for several weeks. I am most grateful for their many kindnesses and continuing support.

    Now, I must go on with my life without my dearest companion, and that includes resuming this column. I also most sincerely thank every reader who has sent me condolences.

  • Back on winning path

    Known as sloppy starters who clean up well, the Evergreen girls finally rewarded themselves by dominating the first half Jan. 20 against Arvada.

    And that fast finish? It was more like a lull.

    “We had gone down and we thought, ‘We got this,” Cougars sophomore Jordan Florschuetz said. “But you can’t ever let up. You have to always play hard throughout the whole game.”

  • Demons dominate Cougars in...

    GOLDEN — The Cougars evolved from flummoxed to fabulous to flattened Jan. 23 against the Golden Demons.

    Sloppy defense was Evergreen’s poison in the first half. Great defense and fiery shooting paved the way for a dominating rally that stretched into a big lead in the third quarter.

    Then the fourth quarter began and the Demons took over the Cougars like that poor little girl in The Exorcist movie. And pretty soon the Cougars’ heads were spinning.

    The green projectile vomit: Golden 75, Evergreen 63.

  • Ouch — don’t...

    While having dinner with friends last week, one of them brought up the subject of porcupines, which, according to a Denver Post article, have become overabundant in Telluride and were causing property damage. Then another of our group chimed in to wonder if there were many porcupines in our area, for he had not seen any in recent years. I have not seen the damage they are doing in Telluride, but I don’t think they are overabundant locally. I have not seen a porcupine in probably five years, and I used to see them regularly.

  • Keitlin places second at home...

    Nathan Phipps felt strong Jan. 17. Then he met someone stronger.

    Phipps, who was one of three Evergreen Cougar wrestlers to advance to the final of their respective weight brackets at the annual Evergreen Invitational, got all he could handle against Sheridan’s Luis Gurele.

    Phipps led early but needed a reversal in the third period to send their 103-pound final into overtime. Gurele attacked at the next whistle, got Phipps down and managed a pin in 21 seconds.

  • Depleted Cougars fall to tough...

    JEFFERSON COUNTY — The sick felt sicker Jan. 14.

    Evergreen, depleted after a viral tidal wave swept through the team, found little cure facing D’Evelyn and Jeremy Sullivan, the leading scorer in Class 4A.

    The symptoms? A Cougars team that didn’t take care of the ball, never established an inside game despite a height advantage, and gave up a back breaking 15-1 run after claiming the lead for first time in the third quarter.

    The diagnosis? A 55-44 Jefferson County League defeat.

  • Evergreen girls close to turning...

    It’s easy to see the glass as half full this season for the Cougars.

    Of course, when are youth and optimism not joined at the hip?

    Evergreen’s youthful bunch chased and harassed D’Evelyn for 36 minutes Jan. 13 before they were finally put to rest with 13 seconds remaining. But plenty of glimpses of what could have been and what could be were apparent in the 56-51 Class 4A Jefferson County League girls basketball defeat.