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  • It’s time to rescue higher ed

    As Colorado has sunk further and further into economic distress, the biggest losers have been public institutions of higher education, the students who need to be educated and the employers who need an educated workforce. There is now a plan to address the problem, and Coloradans must come together to support it.

  • Our Readers Write

    Humphrey Museum story failed to recognize dedicated volunteers
    Having just read the article by Vicky Gits in the Oct. 27 edition of the Canyon Courier regarding the Humphrey Museum, I have two questions: How did Ms. Gits article help the Humphrey Museum, and was anyone else as dismayed as I was at the negative tone of her article?

  • Excessive growth boosts fire danger

    By Mike Coffman

  • Dem infrastructure offsets GOP

    The negative ads are gone, the hype has died and the election is (finally) over. The expected GOP wave indeed swept across the country, bringing Republican majorities in the U.S. House and in statehouses across the country.
    Back in Colorado, however, the wave was muted. To be sure, Republicans picked up two congressional seats, the state House of Representatives and two statewide offices (treasurer and secretary of state).

  • Our Readers Write

    Anderson family says thanks
    Our family would like to extend to the people of Evergreen our thanks for their support, cards and wishes when our dad passed away. He will be missed deeply by us and all of the friends he touched over the years. This community has always pulled together to help each other when times are hard.

  • Political ads dwelled on the negative

    If you’ve seen the political advertising that has now mercifully ended with the culmination of this year’s election cycle, you could easily be left with the belief that anyone who runs for political office in Colorado is an immoral opportunist seeking to destroy life as we know it.

  • How to nail down a presence

    A few things have broken down lately in my aging body. Split fingernails led me to my first real manicurist, Shannon Hoffman. No mere nail technician, Shannon is a miracle worker who has rescued my hands from tape and glue with her sensitive and individualized approach to nail care.
    What did I know? I’d had the obligatory manicure for a few family functions and a couple of mass-produced pedicures during sandal season.

  • Our Readers Write

    Killing elk with arrow on golf course was inhumane, unnecessary
    While the human population can apparently shove its way around the planet with impunity for any purpose, including golfing, elk that dare to tread on the golf course are not allowed to conduct their lives without threat of being shot.