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  • Let’s make our votes count in 2010

    While the 2010 general election day is still almost four weeks away, Colorado citizens will begin voting very soon. Mail ballots, which have become the preferred method of voting for election officials and increasing numbers of people, will go out next week. After that, early voting stations will open. In Jefferson County, voters can vote early from Oct. 18 until Oct. 29, except that polls will be closed Sunday, Oct. 24. The polls will then be open for every precinct Nov. 2.

  • Her life’s calling is uplifting

    By Hannah Hayes

  • Remembering politicians who served us well

    By State Rep. Cheri Gerou

  • Our Readers Write

    Recent wildfires a reminder of firefighters’ great work

  • The unintended effects of ‘reform’

    If you think you’re seeing more negative campaign ads this year, it’s not just you. 2010 is shaping up to be an all-time high — or low — for negative campaigning. It’s gotten so bad, a recent Denver Post headline read, “It’s a miracle! Some positive campaign ads!” I still haven’t seen those yet.

  • Our Readers Write

    Thanks for help with weed pull
    The Community Weed Awareness Campaign would like to thank all of the hard-working volunteers who made “Wake-Up and Weed” such a success. Volunteers who are willing to spend a lovely Saturday morning pulling weeds are truly special. We’d like to acknowledge the large contingent of volunteers from Wild Rose Church and the support of the Evergreen Nature Center.

  • Taking a picture of the soul

    Photography has become more accessible in the digital age, but does it seem that many of us now leave our cameras at home in favor of the handier cell-phone quick pic? A portrait photographer pulls out all the big equipment, a finely tuned eye, and a little Photoshop, to create a lifetime work of art that goes well beyond capturing an event.

  • Ballot advice: yes on letters, no on numbers

    Colorado voters will find nine statewide ballot proposals on their ballots this year. How they are identified will tell you how they got there and what document they propose changing. Those identifiers should also help you decide how to vote.