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  • Farewell to politics: The ‘fields’ beckon

    By Cheri Gerou
    In 1783, officers of the Continental and French armies founded our nation’s oldest patriotic organization: Society of the Cincinnati. Central to its purpose was the philosophy of a Roman, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519-430 B.C.), who left his farm to accept a term as Roman consul and served as magister populi (with temporary powers akin to a modern-era dictator).

  • Our Readers Write

    Flashing signs needed to warn of elk on local roads

  • State now ground zero in battle for Senate

    Talk about a game changer!

  • Our Readers Write

    Mountain area nonprofits say thanks for Colorado Gives Day donations
    On behalf of the mountain area nonprofit coalition, we would like to thank everyone who made Colorado Gives Day 2013 a huge success.

  • Robert Gates’ ‘Duty’ a good read for all citizens

    OK, I admit it: I can’t resist reading every single insider book that portends to explain the goings-on within our government. Most of us have strong opinions concerning the executive branch of our government powered by the simplistic rhetoric of Fox or MSNBC. We have become a group of “Monday-morning quarterbacks.” The Bush hate seemed to be unprecedented, until the Obama hate got into full swing.

  • Inter-Canyon incumbents must be challenged

    Six hundred and forty-three thousand. That’s more than half a million.
    And those are more than enough reasons that two longtime incumbents on the board of the Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District should be challenged aggressively in this May’s election.
    Zero is another number of note in this disturbing saga: That’s the number of non-incumbents who had filed to run, as of Tuesday, for the four board seats up for election.

  • Our Readers Write

    Liberal school board members are the ones who lack transparency
    In response to Ms. Trasky’s letter: The only bully here is you, Ms. Trasky. The best interests of the school board and the children would be better served if Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman stop whining to anyone and everyone who will listen. It seems they deliberately vote against ANY proposals by the new board president.

  • Protecting local nonprofits should be a priority

    By Greg Dobbs

    How would you like it if you lived in New Jersey — home of the Meadowlands, home of this year’s (sad, sad, sad) Super Bowl — only to find out that much of the publicity, not to mention much of the revenue from the big game, has been co-opted by the state of New York?