Today's Opinions

  • The best of us, the worst of us

    In the wake of the catastrophic destruction and loss of property and life caused by the floods that ravaged our state earlier this month, many things come to mind. It reminds us of several things, including the ominous power of nature, our capacity to endure difficult situations, and how the inherent good and evil of people to either reach out and help those in need or to take advantage of a terrible situation show that disasters bring out both the best and the worst in people.

  • Our Readers Write

    Commissioners should let voters decide whether to add two positions to board
    I am writing to thank you and your excellent reporter for the recent article on the Jeffco5 movement!

  • Time to support local businesses

    By Judy Johnson Berna

  • Our Readers Write

    Evergreen Audubon is working to educate lake visitors on conservation

  • On Syria, I’ll trust the experts

    When Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his country’s citizens, killing more than 1,400 people, including defenseless children, he crossed a line for most Americans. While there is still much consternation over whether a military response is appropriate and, if so, how we limit our exposure and don’t get sucked into another seemingly endless intervention, there seems to be some consensus that the act of gassing innocents in Syria deserves a response.

  • Our Readers Write

    Business owner voices support for EPRD
    I am writing as a business owner and resident of Evergreen in response to John Watson’s Community Voices opinion column in last week’s Courier.
    My husband and I have lived in Evergreen for 34 years. In 1979 we bought the Highland Haven Motel (now Inn), and we have personally and professionally made use of and been involved with our EPRD offerings continually since that time.

  • InBloom concerns need attention

    By Paula Noonan
    Jeffco schools Superintendent Cindy Stevenson is traveling across the county to discuss various Jeffco education initiatives. One program, a large information technology pilot project called inBloom, will collect, store and distribute personal student data on off-site Amazon “cloud” servers managed by non-district employees.
    Information will include, at least, student ID number, name, address, test scores, demographic information, grades, assessments and some medical  information.

  • Overuse of Lake Park a disservice to community

    By John E. Watson
    The mission of the Evergreen Park & Recreation District is to improve the quality of life of the Evergreen community by providing a wide range of excellent, financially responsible park and recreation amenities and programs while maintaining and enhancing the area’s mountain character.