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    Disappointed to see end of Building Trades program
    The March 28 Canyon Courier contained an article that announced the closing of the Building Trades program at Conifer High School.
    This is disappointing and a disservice to students, though I suspect there is parental-, peer-group-, and teacher input to students electing to avoid this option. In my younger days, two years of “shop” was required of all boys and two years of “home economics” was required of all girls.

  • Saving Parkland—26 times over

    The hypocrisy can sometimes feel overwhelming. The recent anti-gun march in Washington masquerading as an anti-gun violence demonstration focused on protecting our children.
    It was, in fact, a cleverly organized, coordinated demonstration by the anti-gun, anti-NRA, anti-Trump political left. Coordinated by Democrat Party alliances involving George Soros, the Women’s March and others, these folks certainly have the legal right to exercise their First Amendment rights.

  • Who will lead?

    We continue to argue about how to protect our kids from school shooters. I can’t get the visions of those little Sandy Hook toddlers out of my mind. I live near an elementary school, and as I see the little ones coming and going I think about the horrific shootings we seem to shrug off as “the way things are today.” No, thoughts and prayers are insufficient.
    Consider the following events compiled by Michael Smerconish, CNN and Sirius Radio nonpartisan program host regarding the Parkland school shooting:

  • Our Readers Write

    Point well taken
    In response to the author of the letter, “A Thought about bombs,” BRAVO! (applause, applause). Well said.
    C. Fallon
    Indian Hills

    Will enough ever be enough?

  • Decisions, decisions on additional state funding

    The good news is that economists for the legislature and the governor projected last week that the state will have more than $1 billion more to spend on state priorities in the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. The bad news is that the demand for state services is several times that amount.

  • Volunteers are the nucleus of any political party

    Joe Webb

  • We’re going back to the future

    In 1982, Billy Joel addressed the job losses in the steel industry with his hit “Allentown.”
    The lyrics say, “We’re living here in Allentown, and they’re closing all the factories down.” He chronicles the desperation by highlighting that “our fathers fought the second World War,” “the promises our teachers gave; if we worked hard, if we behaved. So the graduations hang on the wall, but they never helped us at all.”

  • Our Readers Write

    Students show excellent character
    The Canyon Courier provided good coverage in the March 21 issue of the Evergreen High School students support for Parkland and school safety on March 14.  
    We stood behind the students and listened to their concerns. They greatly impressed us with their behavior and commitment.