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  • We’re going back to the future

    In 1982, Billy Joel addressed the job losses in the steel industry with his hit “Allentown.”
    The lyrics say, “We’re living here in Allentown, and they’re closing all the factories down.” He chronicles the desperation by highlighting that “our fathers fought the second World War,” “the promises our teachers gave; if we worked hard, if we behaved. So the graduations hang on the wall, but they never helped us at all.”

  • Our Readers Write

    Students show excellent character
    The Canyon Courier provided good coverage in the March 21 issue of the Evergreen High School students support for Parkland and school safety on March 14.  
    We stood behind the students and listened to their concerns. They greatly impressed us with their behavior and commitment.  

  • Our Readers Write

    Proud of our work on ‘Legally Blonde’
    Regarding letter to the editor regarding “Legally Blonde” at Evergreen Middle School:
    Though we do see what Mrs. Dillon was saying, much of what she said was unfair to the kids. We respect that she has a right to her opinion but are sad that she so easily dismissed the feelings of the 109 kids and their parents who worked so hard to do this show.

  • Owing it to our children

    John Newkirk

  • Kids matter too

    Dr. Brenda Krage, Platte Canyon Schools

  • Taking the next steps on school safety

    Dr. Jason Glass, Jeffco Schools

  • Our Readers Write

    Change starts with action
    As a local business owner who comes into contact with a variety of people every day, I generally lay low when it comes to politics and religion.  
    However, in light of the recent Parkland school shooting tragedy, the ensuing barrage of opinions, and the overall political tsunami that has engulfed the  
    U.S., I have felt compelled to DO more.

  • Realpolitik equals Fair Trade equals a new NAFTA

    Soon after the inauguration of President Trump, I wrote a column predicting that the tone and timber of his foreign policy would be that of Realpolitik. Certainly, the months since and the latest tariff pronouncement underscore the validity of this prognostication.