Today's Opinions

  • Let’s give the president some credit

    If you’ve read my articles you know I’m not a big fan of the president. My objections are much more about character issues than policy. I just don’t believe he has a high level of integrity. However, recently he began to move in a new direction. I’m determined to keep an open mind and, like an umpire, call them as I see them.

  • Not immune to the fires

    Just because we’ve dodged some bullets over the years here in Evergreen, we’re not immune to fires. Fires like we’ve just seen in Northern California. Fires that flatten everything in their path. And kill people in the process. This year, they were out west. Next year, they could be in our own backyards.

  • Our Readers Write

    Could we be the next California?
    Could we be next?  Another California?  They cloud-seed, too.
    I have written for years about the cloud-seeding program. My well is basically dry. A new well a 1,000 feet away from my property was drilled this summer; they went down a 1,000 feet and got a gallon a minute. The farmers and ranchers east of the Continental Divide no longer have snow cover in the winter to protect their crops.  

  • The right to free speech

    We were in England the last week of September to attend the play my daughter Alex directed for her final project to complete a master of fine arts degree from the East 15 Acting School in London. Whenever we travel abroad, I’m always fascinated to see what news from the United States seems to be the most important to the locals.

  • Learning at the center of where effort should be

    Dr. Jason Glass, Jeffco Public Schools

  • Our Readers Write

    High school dances teach life lessons
    My husband was out to dinner on a Friday evening a few weeks ago, and he commented to me that some high school students were there all dressed up and looked to be going to a high school dance—probably the homecoming dance since it was that time of year.  

  • Journalists gathering the info you want

    One night last month, when Hurricane Irma was beginning to bear down on Florida, I was being honored along with five other far-more deserving journalists by being inducted into the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame. But at the last minute, three friends who had bought tickets to the banquet, all journalists themselves, had to cancel. They were on their way instead to Florida.

  • A taxing situation that shouldn’t have been

    Joe Webb