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  • Foothills teachers looking forward to retirement

    May is a time for change at schools in the foothills, as students graduate or prepare to move into the next grade.

    The same is true for some teachers as they graduate into retirement. Foothills schools are losing 12 teachers and staff members, including two from Wilmot Elementary and three at West Jefferson Middle School. Among them, they brought more than 150 years of experience to area children.

    West Jeff Middle School

  • Trail study results set for June release

    The Evergreen Park & Recreation District has yet to receive the results of the preliminary engineering study on the north trail around Evergreen Lake.

    At the EPRD Board of Directors’ regular meeting May 23 at Buchanan Recreation Center, Executive Director Ellen O’Connor announced that Muller Engineering will present the study’s findings in early June.

  • Residents honor deceased veterans, loved ones on Memorial Day

    Whether it was with paper poppies, red roses, red, white and blue flowers or American flags, Monday was a day to honor deceased family members and friends.

    The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park hosted a Memorial Day Observance service at 9 a.m. before attendees proceeded out to the cemetery, where other visitors joined them throughout the morning and early afternoon.

  • Pro cyclist accused of shooting at Deer Creek Canyon home

    A pro cyclist who lives in Englewood has been accused of recklessly firing a gun earlier this year near homes in the Deer Creek Canyon area, about five miles east of Conifer.

    Daniel H. Summerhill, 28, appeared in Jefferson County court Tuesday morning and was advised of charges against him, which include one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct involving discharge of a firearm and one misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment. He pleaded not guilty.

    A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for July 12.

  • Educating about their passion

    Evergreen Library on Saturday afternoon was not its usual spot for quiet reflection.

    Instead, about 75 Morris dancers brought their English folk dancing to the library to the delight of onlookers. The performance was supposed to take place in the parking lot, but rainy skies didn’t cooperate.

  • SHARE with your wild neighbors

    She was lying in a shallow ditch, very still, when our dogs spotted her. They sniffed her curiously, and before we could react, one dog gave her a quick lick on the nose before we shooed them away.
    I very slowly approached the tiny elk calf, at first concerned about her condition. Was she hurt? Should I call Parks and Wildlife for help? I agonized that she may even be dead. She was so utterly still. Her body lay in a shallow ditch, her head resting quietly on the path.

  • EChO sale tailored to crafters

    This Saturday, Evergreen Christian Outreach stretches its giving and inventive arms beyond usual boundaries with a trunk sale devoted to crafts.
    Recently its catchy slogan “All the Yarn You Could Ever Want” has been publicized throughout the area. The event will take place in EChO’s Resale Store parking lot in Evergreen North just south of the post office, and the store itself will man a booth. In addition, there will be resale store sales with coupons handed out during the day.

  • Disaster fund set for reboot by Chamber

    The September 2013 flood awakened the need for an emergency fund in Evergreen to aid victims of natural disaster.
    Bear Creek, which runs through Evergreen and eventually through Morrison, rose to more than 9 feet, threatening residents and businesses in its path. In light of this catastrophe, Beth Andersen, a local attorney and Evergreen Chamber of Commerce board member, jumped at the opportunity to begin a disaster fund and to implement several fund-raisers to initiate the process.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Subject uncooperative

  • Rabies in skunks on the rise in Jeffco

    Jeffco Public Health and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment are reporting an increase in the number of confirmed cases of rabies in terrestrial animals in Jefferson County.
    As of Tuesday, Jeffco had 14 confirmed cases of rabies, according to the latest CDPHE data. All of the confirmed cases of rabies came from infected skunks.