Today's News

  • Tori Merritts, school board candidate in District 4

    Tori Merritts, a former Jeffco school board member of nine years, said she is running for the board again because the school district needs someone experienced to provide guidance.

  • Many varieties of wildflowers grace foothills landscape

    We have seen many wildflowers in a variety of colors all season. However, one of the earliest spring flowers are those of Mahonia repens. Also known as Oregon grape for its clusters of blue berries in fall. This species is a low-growing shrub that bears yellow flowers both early and prolifically.

    Other flowers come and go all season, usually with a big splash of blue gentians in July or August. Late August and early September, however, bring a vivid display of yellow flowers that are the last hurrah before snowflakes remove all color.

  • Informal online survey finds support for rule on securing trash

    More than 80 percent of local respondents want Jeffco officials to enact a rule designed to keep bears out of trash, based on an anecdotal online survey put together by an Evergreen resident.

    Some 168 people took the survey on a popular community social media website, after the issue came up in response to the fatal shooting of two bear cubs last week.

  • Deterring hungry bears with noise and barriers

    For many residents, it’s no teddy bears’ picnic.

    Hungry bears are foraging for food in increasing numbers at mountain area homes. Last week a bear came through a partially opened window at a home in Conifer and helped itself to the contents of the refrigerator and other food in the kitchen.

    Hard freezes and heavy spring rains have created a shortage of berries on shrubs that bears typically eat, prompting them to seek food from human sources this year, says Jennifer Churchill of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

  • Fund-raiser planned Sept. 17 for Into Your Hands Africa

    Into Your Hands Africa, a local nonprofit that helps impoverished people in Uganda become self-sustaining, will hold a fund-raiser called Safari Around the World on Sept. 17.

    The organization, which is largely supported by Evergreen residents, benefits more than 500 Ugandan families each year through its programs, said Brenna Vaughn, executive director of Into Your Hands Africa.

  • Still working after all these years

    More senior adults are working these days rather than retiring in their mid-60s. The number of people ages 65 to 69 who are employed jumped from 22 percent in 1990 to 31 percent in 2010, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Some seniors keep working out of economic necessity. For others, work is the main attraction, even though the extra income may help.

  • Evergreen homeowner who shot bear cubs faces two felony charges

    The Evergreen homeowner who fatally shot two bear cubs early on Sept. 1 as they were trying to get into his trash is facing two felony charges, according to a news release from the Jeffco district attorney’s office.

    One of the cubs died instantly, and the other had to be put down. The live round that hit the cubs then hit the window of a neighbor’s house in the 27000 block of Lupine Drive.

  • County clerk says recall will be on Nov. 3 ballot

    The recall question targeting the three conservative members of the Jeffco school board will be on the Nov. 3 general election ballot, according to a spokeswoman from the county clerk’s office.

  • Lorenzo the llama's excellent adventure has a happy ending

    Lorenzo the llama was on the loose, but now he's home safe.

    Evergreen resident Pamela Popp said the guanaco llama went on the lam early Thursday after an unidentified animal crashed through a fence on her property during the night. One of Popp's alpacas apparently was attacked by the intruder and suffered internal injuries.

  • Neville eyeing run for U.S. Senate

    Republican state Sen. Tim Neville is "doing a lot of praying and a lot of conversation with those that we know" to decide whether to jump into the race for U.S. Senate.

    Neville, whose Senate district covers Evergreen and Conifer, in addition to part of Littleton, is on a listening tour around the state as he gauges support for a U.S. Senate bid. He said he plans to make a decision in October about whether to challenge Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet.