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  • County waives aquifer test in mountain water district

     The Jefferson County commissioners voted 3-0 on May 31 to approve development plans in Upper Bear without the eight-hour aquifer test called for in mountain zoning regulations.

    The decision to waive the aquifer test came against the strenuous recommendations of members of the county's own planning and zoning staff.

    Instead of doing the test, the developer will be required to make a note on the official subdivision blueprint or plat that a new owner must perform an aquifer test before purchasing a building permit.

  • 2011 slash drop-off sites and dates

    All drop-off times are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    June 11 and 12

    Inter-Canyon/Indian Hills Fire/Rescue near Station 3, 8445 U.S. 285

    June 18 and 19

    Elk Creek Fire Protection District at Conifer High School, 10441 Highway 73

    June 25 and 26

    Coal Creek Fire Rescue at 11583 Camp Eden Road

    July 16 and 17

    Elk Creek Fire Protection District, 10441 Highway 73 in Conifer

  • Mount Evans Road open to summit

    Colorado Highway 5 to the top of Mount Evans was fully opened by the Colorado Department of Transportation on June 2.

    Crews spent the last few days clearing snow from Summit Lake to the top — a 4-mile stretch.
    The road was opened from Echo Lake to Summit Lake on May 26, but heavier than usual snowfall last month prevented CDOT from opening the highway to the top. In recent years, Colorado 5 had been open to the summit before Memorial Day.

  • Spend now, or spend more later

    When I first started working, some of the best advice I ever got was, “Don’t let the urgent get in the way of the important.” Over the years, that idiom has helped me to step back and think about long-term priorities, immediate needs and how they should be balanced and prioritized.

  • Beloved chipping sparrows arrive early to area

    One of the most beloved birds across America is the little chipping sparrow. This little red-capped sparrow probably lived in or along the edge of natural openings in the forest, such as along streams and lakeshores or along the edge of natural clearings where trees had blown down or died from old age or other reasons.
    Then when human beings started to make small clearings in the forest for their homes, towns and agriculture, the chipping sparrows found more habitat available and began to increase in numbers. Almost everyone seemed to have a pair nesting in their backyard.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Texting her boundaries

  • Kids round up fun at Rodeo Stampede

    Kids ages 2 to 14 ran fast and ran far in the third annual Kids Rodeo Stampede at the Evergreen Rodeo Grounds on May 28.

    More than 160 children from Evergreen and Conifer schools, plus some from Bailey, Boulder and Lakewood, took part in the 50-yard dash and 1-mile and 2-mile runs. In addition, there was face painting, a bounce house, a fire truck from Evergreen Fire/Rescue and a silent auction.

  • Blue Spruce Habitat plans zero-waste fund-raiser

    By Heather McWilliams

    For the Courier

    Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity is planning its fourth annual fund-raiser next week, and the event is designed to be a big zero — producing zero waste.

    Hard Hats & High Heels is scheduled from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday,  June 11, at a home in Evergreen’s Soda Creek neighborhood. The event also will honor Liz Thompson and her two boys, Bowen and Riley, who will be the recipients of a Habitat home built this year in Kittredge.

  • Country Road Cafe auditions for cable-TV show

    The County Road Cafe in Kittredge, an unpretentious roadhouse known for huge, family-style servings and popular Smashed Mashed combo plates, hosted an eight-person video crew filming a possible TV show on the Discovery Channel.

    "The whole point is out-of-the-way spots between the big cities and off the interstates," said producer Tim McOsker of Citizen Pictures of Denver. On Thursday, May 26, McOsker was at the Country Road getting his team organized for the shoot.

  • Hopes soar at Bergen Valley Elementary balloon launch

    As Bergen Valley Elementary School fifth-graders conducted the annual hot-air balloon launch in the school’s parking lot on May 26, the soon-to-be fifth-graders watched and anticipated what their turn at the rite of passage would be like.

    “It’s so exciting,” fourth-grader Taylor Crawford said as she watched colorful tissue-paper balloons float into the sky. “It’s a good experience. Everyone can see your (balloon) fly.”