Today's News

  • Rec district boosts per-player fees

    The Evergreen Park and Recreation District will increase per-player fees from $21 in fall 2010 to $24 for the spring and fall seasons in 2011.

    Per-player fees have been an issue since last fall, when park district staff determined the annual field maintenance expense was being only slightly offset by the fee payments, which were $15 per player as of fall 2009.

  • Trial date set for Kittredge man accused of kidnapping, sex assault

    A trial in the case of a man accused of the Dec. 29 kidnapping and sexual assault of an Evergreen woman has been set for four days beginning Oct. 26 in Jefferson County District Court.

    Joel M. Herrin, 41, of Kittredge pleaded not guilty to the charges April 26. Herrin’s attorney, Rob Bernhardt, had been seeking a plea bargain entailing a sentence of between 16 and 48 years. The maximum sentence could include a life term.

  • County signs off on fix-up plan for Wah Keeney property

    Jefferson County planning engineers have signed off on a plan to correct an erosion problem related to road grading on the lot at 29592 Spruce Road in Wah Keeney Park.

    Landowner Richard Morgan will add layers of crushed rock to one side of the existing unpaved driveway, lay down a carpet of riprap to slow the flood, create a small detention pond, and install an 18-inch culvert, among other things.

  • Herman Gulch trailhead, trails to be closed intermittently

    Beginning June 22, the popular Herman Gulch trailhead off Interstate 70 and segments of Herman Gulch, Watrous and Bard Creek trails in the national forest in Clear Creek County will be closed intermittently for removal of beetle-killed trees.

    The trailhead and trails will be closed for safety reasons three or four days a week, from Tuesday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Signs will be posted in areas where crews are working to warn visitors of tree-felling operations.

  • Remodel on hold at Evergreen Library

    Budget concerns have put the planned remodel of the Evergreen Library on hold indefinitely, the Jefferson County Public Library announced Monday.

    “These are uncertain times,” Priscilla Winter, Evergreen Library manager, said in a statement. “We remain committed to the Evergreen Library remodel, but we want to make sure we have enough money set aside to do it right.”

    Library officials cited budget concerns as the reason for the decision.

  • For Shirley, Evergreen Rodeo is daddy of them all

    For the Shirley family, rodeo has definitely become a family affair.

    Tim Shirley, 28, of Conifer will rosin his bareback riding rig and ride a bronc at the Evergreen Rodeo on Father’s Day, but this year it’s extra special — because in the stands will be his wife, Mindy, and their 11-month-old daughter, Rylee.

    Rylee is making the rodeo circuit to watch her daddy’s attempt to break a bronc and pursue the purse.

    Shirley works at Shirley Septic Pumping in Conifer.

  • Rodeo royalty: Conifer’s Katie White

     Lots of little girls dream of riding horses, their steeds’ flowing manes and tails fanned by the wind, and their dreams fanned by a desire to be the rodeo queen.

    One of those little girls now has a tiara on her custom-made cowboy hat. Katie White, 18, of Conifer is the 2010 Evergreen Rodeo princess, with her reign ending in December.

    “We’re the face of the rodeo,” she said, “and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

    The trail to becoming rodeo royalty has many steps.

  • Ads omitted from Courier's June 16 print edition

    Four ads were inadvertently omitted from the Courier’s June 16 print edition. The ads were for Carpet Mill, Lam Tree Service, Evergreen Vacuum and Spalding Trees. Readers can visit www.canyoncourier.com to view those ads online.

    Spalding Trees is planning a Tree Party from June 17-19 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and has extended the event to June 24-26. Spalding, on Kerr Gulch Road, will offer arboreal education and refreshments during the event.


  • Open space, closed government

    After crafting a deal to acquire 19 acres in the Rooney Valley last December, Jeffco officials portrayed the purchase as a routine Open Space buy and kept secret the transaction’s role in settling a lawsuit by a group of developers, a Courier investigation shows.

    A lawsuit currently pending against the county charges that the machinations contributed to Jeffco’s top administrator, Jim Moore, being fired after he voiced objections to the lack of transparency.

  • Get outside and help eradicate weeds at Evergreen Lake

    I don’t know where the month of May went, but it just disappeared with the spring snow.

    Now we are well into the month of June and the annual Community Weed Day is this coming Saturday, June 11.

    This is a very special day, open to the public and one of the few things that is still free. Community Weed Day is held on Saturday from 8 to 11 a.m. in the park on the Lake House lawn. It is co-sponsored by Evergreen Audubon, the local Mount Evans chapter of the Sierra Club, the Evergreen Garden Club, and the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.