Today's News

  • More land sought for open space near Reynolds Park

    The Jeffco Open Space Advisory Committee gave the go-ahead to staff to pursue the possible purchase of 42 acres along Foxton Road on the south end of Reynolds Park adjacent to Denver Water Board land.

    The property currently is family held in the Willard Kent Faller Trust.

    Reynolds Park is 5.5 miles south of U.S. 285 on Foxton Road near Conifer. Hikers, campers and equestrian uses are allowed, but bikes are forbidden.

  • Open Space re-examines rules of the trail

    Open Space authorities are taking another look at yielding rules among bikers, hikers and horseback riders after complaints about safety and conflicts on Jeffco trails reached a peak in 2008.

    Yielding rules govern the behavior of trail users when they approach one another on a trail. Some bike riders have argued the rules are outdated and enforcement is too strict.

    A memo published by the Jeffco Open Space Department says there was a large increase in citations written to mountain bikers in 2008 for “failing to yield properly.”

  • Kick up your heels at ballroom dance classes

    Have you ever wished that you could dance like those professionals on “Dancing With The Stars?” Are professional dance lessons too expensive, too far away or just too intimidating for you?

    Never fear. Wiley Simpson is here – in Evergreen. Beginning on Thursday, June 25, Simpson will launch a series of dance lessons and events that are sure to have you tangoing and cha-cha’ing like the champions.

  • Small-town rodeo features big-league bull riding

    Organizers are hoping for a big turnout Friday night when the Professional Bull Riders Enterprise Rent-A-Car tour comes to El Pinal Rodeo Grounds in Evergreen for the first time.

    About 30 bull riders are expected to turn out for the contest, which features 30 top-notch animals from Cervi Ranch. Riders will be competing for $8,000 in prize money and trying to earn points for the bull-riding finals in Las Vegas. About 3,500 people are expected to attend the 2009 Evergreen Rodeo over the weekend, which features rodeo events over three days.

  • School district makes cuts to balance 2009-10 budget

    Under the budget approved for 2009-10, Jeffco Public Schools will be losing 50 elementary teachers, 12 bus drivers, 9.5 middle school teachers and 13 custodians.

    In addition, the stars will go dark at the planetarium, and there will be a reduction in startup costs for Warren Tech North. However, no schools are targeted for closing.

  • Clematis vines add interest, beauty

    Several readers have asked recently for an article on clematis vines, since one of them is on the noxious weed list and others are not. Many people seem to be having trouble telling them apart. There have been five species in the genus clematis found on the eastern slope until recently, one white, one yellow and one blue. They have now been renamed, and although the plants are still the same, they are now in four different genera and six species.

  • Tough times create new opportunities

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

    — Joseph P. Kennedy

    That statement has been uttered by many who are trying to get someone within earshot to try harder during tough times. It probably hasn’t worked all that well, but it is a memorable phrase. The truth is that during tough times businesses often do need to get going … to new tactics.

  • State budget highlights party differences

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. SB 228 certainly proves that adage in Colorado. When Gov. Bill Ritter signed the bill last week, he characterized the bill as taking a big step toward modernizing Colorado’s state budget. At the same time, Josh Penry, the Senate minority leader and a possible challenger to Ritter in next year’s governor’s race, called the bill “California-style taxing and spending.”

  • Jeffco commissioner wants tobacco-free county facilities

    If Faye Griffin had her way, there would be no tobacco use at the county's main administrative building and courthouse in Golden, and possibly in other county facilities.

    "This is for the health of our employees," said Griffin, a first-term county commissioner who said a tobacco-free government campus is a goal she'll pursue. "It's not to be mean. It's just because we care about the employees."

    Griffin is in the very early stages of trying to convert the Jefferson County Courts and Administration Building in Golden to a tobacco-free area.

  • Commissioners approve 25 percent hike in development fees

    A plan to increase Jeffco’s development fees is moving forward after a June 9 hearing that highlighted county leaders' different philosophies on who should be paying development-related costs.