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  • Kay, Karnath are two of a kind

    One look at Jake Kay and Josh Karnath and it’s pretty obvious they are not one and the same. One is a mere 120 pounds soak and wet, the other a 220-pounder who is more heavyweight than he’s not.
    But at a closer glance, the Evergreen wrestlers are more alike than one might think. They enter the second month of the high school wrestling season undefeated. But more than that they also enter as leaders for a young team leaning on them for guidance.

  • CDOT replacing aging garage in Kittredge

    After 50 years of service, the state highway department has retired the old vehicle storage building in Kittredge and is building a bigger and better replacement.

    The Colorado Department of Transportation broke ground in November on a new vehicle storage shed at the maintenance yard on Highway 74 at Kerr Gulch Road. The previous structure was demolished in late September. A newer, brown metal building used to shield the sand supply will remain on site.

    Completion of the vehicle garage depends on the weather, but the target is April or May.

  • Community generosity eases effect of catastrophe

    People who survived the fire in a duplex Dec. 7 on Kingsbury Road have been overwhelmed by the generosity of dozens of members of the Kittredge community, who have come forward with offers of places to stay, clothing, furniture, gift cards and pet sitting.

    The ferocious fire that took the life of schoolteacher Maurice Young also left four other people homeless: his wife Brenda Young and three people in the adjoining townhome, Mike Upton, his daughter Alyssa Jones, 16,andMike's half-brother Britt Turner.

  • Aeration system to be installed in Evergreen Lake

    Evergreen Metro District will install a $100,000 custom-designed aeration system in Evergreen Lake this spring to help increase the amount of water-borne oxygen, which helps sustain aquatic life, among other things.

    Aerating the lake during the summer months is expected to increase dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the lake, help lower the lake’s water temperature, produce cooler water going downstream over the dam and help reduce the amount of lakeweed or elodea in the water.

  • Chimney fire extinguished thanks to quick-thinking firefighter

    An Evergreen Fire/Rescue volunteer firefighter helped put a quick end to a chimney fire at a home on Meadow Drive on Thursday morning.
    The firefighter, who has not been identified, was on his way to work at about 7:45 a.m. when he saw flames coming from the chimney, according to Evergreen Fire/Rescue spokeswoman Stacee Montague. He called 911, knocked on the door, and got the family and pets out of the home.
    The fire department was able to contain the fire to the chimney chase, which is at the top of the chimney, and extinguished it quickly, Montague said.

  • Winter Festival takes season to the extremes

    Evergreen Park and Rec is revving up for the first Winter Festival, including a nighttime Rail Jam with professional snowboarders and skiers competing for prizes on a custom-built course with jumps and rails finishing on Evergreen Lake.
    Events take place at Echo Mountain and at Evergreen Lake on Saturday, Feb. 4, and proceeds benefit the EPRD park and recreation programs.
    The concept of Rail Jam is similar to Big Air, which took place last year in downtown Denver.

  • More funds means more to debate

    As news begins to trickle in about improvements to our economy, the political implications about who will benefit most will have both high stakes for the interests who will battle for the increased resources a better economy makes available, and high drama as our state’s leaders decide where to dedicate the newly found money.

  • Sheriff's Calls


  • Skate season opens on Evergreen Lake

    The skating season opened Dec. 17 at Evergreen Lake with a respectable 12 inches of solid ice, which had increased to about 16 inches as of Dec. 26, following a cold snap and pre-Christmas snowfall of about two feet.

    Evergreen Lake offers 10 hockey rinks, several family rinks and a massive public rink as big as two football fields.

    Groomed daily, Evergreen Lake is the largest Zamboni-maintained outdoor ice rink in America with eight acres of skatable ice.

  • Elsie makes short work of book returns at Evergreen library

     Keeping up with the daily avalanche of returned books, DVDs, books on CD and everything else is a lot easier now that the Evergreen library has put Elsie to work.

    Since Oct. 22, Elsie has been working nonstop six days a week,11 hours a day without a bathroom break, sorting books into big bins, which handlers then dispatch to the appropriate library shelves.