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  • Historic ranch house becoming problem property for park district

    The Evergreen Park and Recreation District board continues to wrestle with the costs of maintaining the historic 1894 Alderfer House as a year-round residence.

    Under his current employment contract with the district, executive director John Skeel and his family are entitled to live in the residence rent-free. But heating the house with propane gas is costing about $900 a month, even after a faulty boiler was replaced last year. Before Skeel moved in, it was the home of Pat Shea, former park operations manager.

  • Senate hopeful Romanoff stops in Evergreen




    Andrew Romanoff, one of two Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate from Colorado — the one not in favor with the Democratic establishment and the Obama administration — is running as a candidate who can stand up against other Democrats.

    Romanoff’s main opponent is Michael Bennet, the former Denver school superintendent Gov. Bill Ritter picked to succeed Ken Salazar when he became secretary of the interior. Bennet and Romanoff are likely to face off for the first time in the Democratic primary Aug. 10.

  • Wilmot students follow the bouncing ball

    It was tennis for everyone at Wilmot Elementary School, as students learned the basics of the sport as part of the school’s artist-in-residence program.

    They learned from Kim Pappas, the tennis professional for the Evergreen Park and Recreation District. Pappas spent 12 days teaching about 300 students the rules of tennis and basic components of the sport such as how to hold the racket and hit the ball.

  • 8 running for park district board

    Eight people have submitted their names as candidates for the three seats up for election on the Evergreen Park and Recreation District board of directors.

    The three incumbents are running for second terms on the board. All board members are elected at large for four-year terms.

    Election Day is May 4, and voting can be done at traditional polling places and by mail.

    The five challengers are Andrew Adamowski, Pat Callahan, Brett Champine, Mark Footer and Barbara Scripps.

  • New face Christensen will replace Goldbach on fire board

    David Christensen of Evergreen and Clear Creek County will become the newest member of the board of the Evergreen Fire Protection District in May.

    A former volunteer firefighter for 11 years, Christensen, 61, will take the seat that became available when George Goldbach decided not to run for re-election.

    Since there were only three candidates in the running, the district legally canceled the regular May 4 election and named as elected the three candidates who submitted self-nomination forms: incumbents Jeff DeDisse and Charles Simons, and Christensen.

  • Group meets to discuss progress on Albertsons as arts center

    About 25 people interested in the idea of converting the vacant Albertsons supermarket into the Evergreen Cultural Center held a meeting on Feb. 23 at the Tuscany Tavern restaurant.

    The consensus was the project had some support in the arts community, but that there were many obstacles ahead — namely, raising the money, estimated at between $1 million and $5 million.

    There is also the possibility of a competing arts center under the auspices of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.

  • ‘Guys and Dolls’ is a good bet

    “Guys and Dolls” opened in New York City in 1950. The show, which tells the story of two very different types of love, through song and dance, has been popular ever since. The Evergreen Chorale staged successful productions in 1982 and 1997, and is now more excited than ever to present a three-weekend run of this award-winning Broadway show.

    Ron Welch, a longtime Chorale member, appeared as Nathan Detroit in the 1997 production, and Welch is now behind the curtain, directing a new cast of 34 actors.

  • Dippers dip and dive along Bear Creek

    February has been very wintry, with colder-than-average temperatures, snow flurries and a lot of gray skies.

    Despite all this, if you walk along Bear Creek between the downtown parking lot and the Church of the Transfiguration, you can hear the beautiful canary-like song of the dipper. These fantastic little birds are permanent residents along our boisterous mountain streams and therefore one of the earliest birds to sing, mate and nest in the area.

  • Living up to our commitments

    A recent story on National Public Radio suggested that people who find themselves with mortgage balances that are more than their homes are worth would be smart to stop making payments, have their homes foreclosed upon and then go buy another house in the same neighborhood based on the newly diminished housing values. They even found a contracts lawyer to say the reason there are default provisions in contracts is because defaulting on contracts is a rational option that is available to anyone who enters into any contract.

  • Primary election to be mail-in only

    The primary election in August will be conducted exclusively through mail-in ballots in Jefferson County. The Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously at a public hearing Feb. 23 in favor of the measure.

    The vast majority of public comment taken between Jan. 29 and Feb. 12 supported the use of mail-in ballots, the county stated, and 94 percent of votes in the 2008 primary election were cast through the mail in Jeffco.