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  • Campaign season is upon us

    As you have no doubt concluded from the many recent GOP presidential debates, it’s an election year. And it’s a watershed year for Colorado politics, in many ways.
    Jeffco voters will be casting ballots in races that range from county commissioner to U.S. Congress. And nearly all the voters in our coverage areas find themselves electing U.S. House members and state legislators in redrawn districts that will be game-changers for candidates and voters.

  • Trip to Red Rocks Park nets a plethora of bird sightings

    This past week has once again been one of vacillating weather with spring-like temperatures one day followed by a day of snow. Temperatures have ranged from normal to 20 degrees above normal.

  • Sheriff's Calls



    A parting gift, perhaps

  • Lookout Mountain Community Church moving to Evergreen

    Lookout Mountain Community Church of Genesee is moving to Evergreen Country Day School on Sundays and is vacating the 900-seat church overlooking I-70, which once had a congregation of 1,300.


    "It was a different time and a different place. It's a gorgeous church and was drawing people from all over the region, including Littleton and Lone Tree," said Bill Senyard, the new pastor.

  • Federal appeals court overturns forest recreation fees

    A federal appeals court in California has ruled against the U.S. Forest Service’s practice of charging a parking fee for people who go to an area only to hike or camp and do not use amenities such as picnic tables, trash cans or bathrooms.

  • Brides-to-be scope out vendors at EverWedd

    Future brides and their families looked over a host of prospective foothills vendors for everything nuptials at the second annual EverWedd bridal show on Sunday.


    A steady stream of visitors walked from table to table at The Pines at Genesee, visiting with Evergreen and Conifer businesses that supply invitations, catering, photography, DJs, venues, hotels, flowers and even spa treatments to prepare the bride for that special day.

  • Foothills Fire volunteer fights termination letter

    A veteran volunteer firefighter with Foothills Fire and Rescue is fighting for his job after being fired for what he claims was a misunderstanding over whether the fire chief completed a training exercise involving a burn building.

    The Foothills Fire department covers Lookout Mountain, Idledale and parts of I-70 from outside Golden up to the Evergreen Parkway exit. The headquarters is in a building on Rainbow Hill in El Rancho.

  • Senate District 16 still a toss-up, Nicholson says

    State Sen. Jeanne Nicholson, a Democrat from Gilpin County, is looking at her next election fight in 2014, and she isn’t going to get a break as a result of reapportionment, the process of redrawing district boundaries every 10 years.

  • Evergreen rabbi helping teens find purpose in life

    A new program promises to help young people assess who they are as people, take a look at what really makes them happy, and then come up with a better idea of their purpose in life.

    "I never even remotely assumed that I was a science-y guy," said David Finger, 19, who is investigating a future in cryogenics, oceans engineering and theater sound production.

  • N.Y. builder breaks ground on El Rancho duplex project

    In one of the first multifamily residential building projects to emerge in Evergreen in years, a developer has broken ground on utilities for a 22-unit, high-end duplex complex on Tepees Way in El Rancho, near the Richmond Homes subdivision on the ridge behind Walmart and Home Depot.

    Each duplex is a stand-alone unit. Building construction is scheduled to begin this spring.

    The units will be "mountain contemporary," with rooftop patios and lots of outdoor living spaces. They are going to be spread out all over the mountain on 11 lots.