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  • Business’ new owners were given a sign

    Mark Hollandsworth’s life is all about destiny.

    It was destiny that made a deal in Joplin, Mo., fall through, so he didn’t move his sign business out of his home. It was destiny that spared his daughter from a tornado that tore through Joplin last year.

    And, most importantly, it was destiny that brought him through Evergreen on vacation, where he met Chris and Sue Krieg, the owners of Evergreen Sign Co. The Kriegs sold Evergreen Signs to the Hollandsworths last month.

  • Squirrel found dead in Idledale tests positive for plague

    A squirrel found dead in Idledale has tested positive for bubonic plague, leading public health officials to urge residents to keep their pets inside, according to a June 12 news release.
    Idledale residents found several dead squirrels around their homes, said Dave Volkel, zoonosis coordinator for Jefferson County Public Health.
    “We’ve had squirrel die-offs in the past, and it’s been caused by the plague,” Volkel said.

  • EFR should rethink training building

    By Greg Dobbs
    If ever, heaven forbid, I need Evergreen Fire/Rescue to stabilize my broken back or to save my burning house, I’ll want them to race to help me as fast as they can. Which is why it seems strange to say, lately, our fire district has been moving too fast.

  • Three basic rules to feed hummingbirds

    Although many species of bird return to nest in this area at various times, the hummingbirds seem to be very regular in their arrival dates, and most everyone who lives here seems to agree that when the hummingbirds arrive, it is truly summer.
    Although they return at lower elevations a bit earlier than they do here, the broad-tailed hummingbirds that nest in our immediate area usually arrive between April 25 and April 27, and they have done so for close to the 50 years I have lived here.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Lazy Susan

  • Evergreen Rodeo parade judges selected

    The judges for the 46th annual Evergreen Rodeo Parade are Tab Berkey, president of the Evergreen Artists’ Association, Scott Robson, Evergreen Park and Recreation District executive director, and Vicki Bock, owner of Bear’s Inn Bed and Breakfast.

    The three judges will select first-, second- and third-place winners in youth, non-commercial adult, and commercial categories. An overall crowd-pleasing entry will be chosen, for a grand total of 10 awards.

  • Evergreen's 'crown jewel' park sparkles with upgrades

     Evergreen Lake Park now has a lush green lawn, new picnic tables and a covered permanent stage for outdoor performances. 


    The improvements to the popular park make it more enjoyable for visitors of all ages, including those who came to the first outdoor concert of the season on June 6. 

    “We recognize that the lake and the park are the crown jewels of Evergreen,” said Scott Robson, executive director of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District. “It’s by far the most used park in the community.”

  • Cow on the mooooove

    Six-foot two,

    Eyes of brown,

    All 400 pounds running ‘round.

    Has anybody seen that cow?

    After a month of kicking up her heels and grazing on fresh grass in various Evergreen locations, a young Angus cow is still on the lam.

    She’s been spotted wandering through the yards of Hiwan Hills residents. Others have seen Hal Choate’s escaped cow at Walgreens, Taco Bell and the Safeway parking lot on Evergreen Parkway, he said.

  • Dickson inducted into Adams State Athletics Hall of Fame

    Craig Dickson, a 1985 graduate of Evergreen High School, was recently inducted into the Adams State Athletics Hall of Fame. Dickson won the national NAIA Cross Country Championship in 1986, was a member of three national championship teams and was an eight-time all-America in cross country and track. 

  • Opposition leads fire district board to rethink training facility

    In the wake of residents’ objections to plans for a training facility at Fire Station 2 in Bergen Park, members of the Evergreen Fire Protection District board are looking at other options.

    A recent public meeting of residents and fire officials generated sparks of concern about the location selected for the fire training facility. Residents living near the fire station said they did not want to see a four-story facility from their homes and be disturbed by firefighter training activity.