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  • Gnomie, come home: Beloved wooden gnome goes AWOL from Marshdale yard

    Gnomie, Gnomie, Wherefore art thou, Gnomie?

    With some apologies to William Shakespeare, the classic line from “Romeo and Juliet” speaks directly to the situation.

    Gnomie, the iconic wooden male gnome that has been sitting in front of a home just north of Marshdale on Highway 73, has gone missing.

    Someone took the 4-foot-tall, 300-pound gnome from the front yard of Andre Yerkes’ home two weeks ago. The thieves did not take Gnomie’s female companion.

  • Downtown Evergreen's 1% solution

     After exploring options to raise funds for improvements and amenities in the downtown area, Dean Dalvit and other members of the Downtown Evergreen Economic District have devised a plan to collect voluntary contributions.

    DEED is asking for a 1 percent donation on sales of products and services at businesses through the organization’s Evergreen Legacy Fund. Customers contribute to the fund on a voluntary basis.

  • Plan Jeffco celebrates 40th anniversary with dinner speaker

    Plan Jeffco, a grassroots organization responsible for pioneering the preservation of 53,000 acres and many of Jefferson County’s scenic landmarks, is holding an anniversary fund-raiser to celebrate 40 productive years.

    The wine reception and dinner will be at 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 2, at the restaurant 240 Union in Lakewood, with keynote speaker Ed Bangs, coordinator of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's gray wolf recovery program for more than 23 years.

  • Actress Laura Dern visits Obama campaign office in Bergen Park

    Hollywood actress Laura Dern walked through the doors of the Obama campaign office in Bergen Park on Thursday afternoon with a smile on her face and words of support for the president.

    “To me, the passion is greater than four years ago,” Dern said. “Four years ago, we said we have to have change, and that’s going to take eight years to get things changed.”

    Dern commended the president for his focus on affordable health care, education and renewable energy, and for ending the war in Iraq.

  • Bailey man dies in motorcycle crash

    A Bailey man died Tuesday afternoon after his motorcycle went out of control in Turkey Creek Canyon.
    Larry Hackett, 62, was driving north on U.S. 285 about 3:30 p.m. when his motorcycle crashed at mile marker 247, about halfway between Parmalee Gulch and Colorado 8, said Morrison police Lt. Anthony Joiner.
    “The driver lost control of his motorcycle, fishtailed for a little bit, hit the guardrail (and) was ejected from the motorcycle,” Joiner said.
    Hackett’s motorcycle was the only vehicle involved.

  • From insurrection, love for a new country

    “But the glory of the Present is to make the Future free —
    We love our land for what she is and what she is to be”
    — from “America For Me,” by Henry Van Dyke

    Poetry creates insurrection. When I created an assignment using poetry to teach grammar and communication, my ESL students marched off to the dean’s office to complain.
    “We signed up to study grammar, not poetry.”

  • Let’s hear it for law enforcement

    We all breathed a sigh of relief when the Westminster Police Department announced it had Jessica Ridgeway’s suspected killer in custody. But in the days following his capture, we are learning the extent to which this result was made possible by great police work.

  • First snow sheds tears in a flakey farewell to summer

    The first snow is always so beautiful that I am forced to admire it even though I’m not a winter person.

  • Sheriff's Calls


    Campaign speech not protected

  • ‘Mattress’ a farcical, not-so-sleepy tale

    We all love a fractured fairy tale — perhaps even more than the original. There is something satisfying about turning the original story filled with morals and happily-ever-afters into a spoof with hilarious missteps. Such is the case in StageDoor Theatre’s high school production of “Once Upon a Mattress.” Running through Nov. 10, this show, based loosely upon Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, is sure to win your hearts.