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  • Sheriff's Calls

    Do not open before … well … ever

  • Library board rejects attempt to head off Monday closures

    A last-ditch effort to spare all Jefferson County Library branches from Monday closures in 2011 was overwhelmingly rejected Dec. 9, after two newly appointed trustees moved for a vote to reconsider the cost-saving measure.

  • Little opposition to approval of 2011 Deer Creek Challenge

    Opposition to Jeffco’s approval of the second annual Deer Creek Challenge bicycle tour was almost nonexistent Dec. 7, compared to the vehement objections from canyon residents at last year’s public hearing.
    The ride, with three courses ranging from 33 miles to 106 miles, is scheduled for Aug. 21, 2011, a day before the start of the highly anticipated Quizno’s Pro Challenge, a week-long bicycle race covering 600 miles in Colorado.

  • Colorado’s civil rights icon

    A Colorado governor whose courageous support of civil rights during World War II is now honored with a tall, rose-colored monument on Kenosha Pass.
    Some 264 miles of U.S. 285 was officially renamed the Ralph Carr Memorial Highway on Sunday in honor of the former governor, who opposed the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

  • Local author shares advice on job preservation

     Evergreen consultant Jim Rohrer has written the perfect book for anyone in a down economy who has a job and wants to keep it, but needs a few fresh ideas.

    From 2008 to 2010, Rohrer watched the drumbeat of news about job losses and got the idea of helping people become so valuable they can enjoy their jobs instead of worrying about losing them.

    "Never Lose Your Job: Become a More Valuable Player" is the compendium of a lifetime of successful business experience as an executive in the work world.

  • Evergreen says goodbye to popular outdoors lover

     Friends and family members described Mike Strunk as a person who was constantly in motion, almost always outdoors, bouncing around the badlands in his Jeep and shooting pictures everywhere he went.

    Photography could be his undoing. One time Strunk was in Utah, where he was documenting the famous Outlaw Trail until late in the day, said friend Mel Andrew, a former member of the board of directors of the Mountain Area Land Trust.

  • Couple to discuss North Korea

     Sam Jaffe and Myung Oak Kim, an Evergreen couple who have visited North Korea will speak at a lecture Friday, Dec. 17, at Judaism in the Foothills, 3959 Ponderosa Lane, across from Safeway.

    Jaffe is a former business journalist who works as a consultant in the alternative energy industry. He co-authored a book, "Jewish Wisdom for Business Success" with Rabbi Levi Brackman of JITF. Myung is a former investigative journalist for the Rocky Mountain News. She is communications director for Gov. Bill Ritter.

  • Foothills Fire Rescue outgrows 1972 garage

    Foothills Fire Rescue launched the second stage of its Rainbow Hill building project Nov. 18 with the demolition of the cinder-block garage originally built in 1972.

    A new, larger and taller garage is expected to be in place by the end of January, before a new fire truck arrives.

    The garage building and the new training wing almost double Foothills Fire's presence on Rainbow Hill in El Rancho next to the Alpine Rescue Team building at the Evergreen Parkway exit of Interstate 70.

  • Evergreen twins compete in top ranks of Irish dance

    A young brother and sister, who happen to be twins, have fallen in love with Irish step-dancing and competing in the dance.
    Both have done so well they qualified separately for the world championships in Dublin in April and the North American Nationals in July 2011.
    Nate and Maggie Schutte, who both will turn 11 in December, are the son and daughter of an Evergreen couple who have no background in performing arts or dance. Both, however, are at least of half-Irish ancestry.

  • Documentary details pressures on students

    The pressure on kids to succeed in school has reached the point where kids are on a collision course to fail, or worse, according to a documentary shown at Montessori School of Evergreen on Dec. 2.
    Kids feel the pressure from all sides: parents, educators, colleges and from within themselves. Ways must be found to reduce the pressure on kids so they can be, simply, kids.