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  • Jeffco, Wah Keeney property owner cancel court date

    The county commissioners and property owner Richard Morgan have signed a stipulation and order in the county’s lawsuit over a zoning violation at 29592 Spruce Road in Wah Keeney Park.

    With the signed agreement in place, the county agreed to drop the trial that was scheduled for Thursday morning, Jan. 20. The order states that Morgan does not admit responsibility for causing a zoning violation.

  • Pat Shea departs park district after 20 years

    “It was a kind of mutual agreement,” he said Friday, Jan. 22. Shea’s last day was about six weeks ago.

    Since his resignation, Shea has been working six days a week on repairing a house he purchased last summer in the Hiwan Country Club area.

    So far he has installed a new bathroom, new floors and baseboard molding. Once that job is finished, he expects to begin looking for a new job, not necessarily in the recreation business.

    “I expect to be working for another 10 years,” he said. He declined to give his age.

  • 2 first-graders wander away from King-Murphy

    School personnel found two first-grade girls who had wandered away from the King-Murphy Elementary School playground on Tuesday morning, after they decided to play “Survivor.” They were missing about 40 minutes.

    The school is at 425 Circle K Ranch Road about 3 miles west of Evergreen in Clear Creek County, in a densely forested area surrounded by open space and dotted with homes.

    The girls, whose names were not available, had been dropped off separately, one by a school bus and one by a parent, said Clear Creek County school Superintendent Bill Patterson.

  • Small signs of spring appear despite cold weather

    January is flying by with severely cold weather.

    January is the coldest month of the year, according to the National Weather Service, and it certainly has been this winter. Many nights have been well below zero, and the wind-chill factor has made some of them feel as cold as 20 below.

  • Ritter’s compass showed him the way

    Shortly after I started as the founding director of Denver’s Mayor’s Office of Regulatory Reform in 1991, Elbra Wedgeworth, the office’s deputy director, told me she wanted us to have breakfast with one of her Leadership Denver classmates from the district attorney’s office. Shortly thereafter, she and I met with Bill Ritter. From that day, the three of us went on to bigger and better things. Elbra became president of the City Council and brought the Democratic National Convention to Denver.

  • ‘Parallel Lives’ is a straight-up delight

    The scene opens with two women dressed as angels. They sit on the “board of intelligent design,” overseeing the creation of Earth and comparing the colors of humans like swatches. “White’s a little bland,” says one. She’s worried that “white” people might feel inferior to the more colorful people. The sadistic pair go on to assign the roles of which sex “gets” to give birth, and they heartily laugh at recompensing the men with oversized egos.

  • Board delays action on Indian Hills boundary change

    The Jeffco school board heard arguments Jan. 14 from both sides on a proposal to alter Evergreen and Conifer school boundaries in Indian Hills. The board decided to put off any decision to give residents more time to consider the possible change.

    “Maybe we’ll take it up later, but nothing now,” board member Paula Noonan said in an e-mail interview. “(We) want to give the people there more opportunity to discuss, since there seems to be a difference of opinion.”

  • Fire district to discuss 'Mission, Vision and Values' at public meeting

    The Evergreen Fire Protection District board will hold a public meeting beginning at 8:30 a.m. Saturday to further define the department’s “Mission Vision and Values” statement for 2010, it was decided at the fire district board’s regular monthly meeting Jan. 12.

  • Three seats on fire board up for election

    Three of the five seats on the board of the Evergreen Fire Protection District will be up for election on May 4.

    Jeff DeDisse, George Goldbach and Charles Simons all have terms that will expire in 2010.

    Goldbach told the Canyon Courier that he is definitely running for a four-year term but that he is hoping to move to Lakewood if he can sell his house in Evergreen. Given the state of the real estate market, he doesn’t expect that to be very soon.

  • Volunteer named first paid chief in Foothills Fire District

    John Kilpatrick, 61, started the job Jan. 1 at an organization that was created in 1997 from three smaller fire districts. He takes over an organization with 43 volunteers and 450 to 475 calls per year, 60 percent of which come from Interstate 70. He will earn $65,000 a year.