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  • Man dies after deputies use Taser on him
  • Who is leading our government?

    This article may sound like I’m bashing the President or taking political sides, which would violate my “View From the Middle” look at politics, but honestly, that’s not how it is intended.


    No toaster for you

  • Innovation Day eggs on students to embrace science

    If learning by doing is the best teacher, then the middle-schoolers at Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen learned a lot last Thursday.

    Students tested their science projects — everything from dropping eggs 30 feet in carriers to break their fall to creating solar ovens that heat water to creating marble mazes — as part of the third annual Science Innovation Day.

  • Roads on Mount Evans, Guanella Pass open

    The roads leading to Mount Evans and Guanella Pass opened for the season this past weekend, according to information from the Colorado Department of Transportation and Clear Creek County.
    Guanella Pass Road is a 22-mile scenic highway that begins at the edge of Georgetown and continues over the summit to Grant. The Guanella Pass Road information line at 303-679-2422, ext. 2, is available for updates.

  • Park district offers summer hikes that include children’s theater

    A special hike for youngsters that features the Snow White story will take place on June 14 at Buchanan Park.
    Presented by Theatre-Hikes Colorado, both actors and the audience will take a moderate hike, with scenes from the fairytale performed along the way.
    This updated version of the classic fairy tale by Marjorie Sokoff features seven quirky dwarfs, a tongue-tied prince, a sassy mirror, a dancing chicken — and, of course, the lovely Snow White.

  • Sports briefs

    Evergreen boys, girls camps scheduled for first week of June

    Evergreen High School’s summer boys and girls basketball camp is scheduled for June 3-7 at EHS.
    The boys camp runs June 3-7 with sessions for incoming 3rd-5th graders running 9-11 a.m., daily and for incoming 6th-8th graders running from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Cost is $70 and is payable to the EHS boys basketball booster club.

  • 'We like to play. We have fun.'

    GOLDEN — Home plate sits off to the left of the field, away from the catcher. There are two first bases — one for the fielder and another for the runner. After two strikes a batter’s next hit ball must be fair or he’s out. A team can only score five runs in any given inning, except for the seventh when it can score at will. Oh, and there are four outfielders.
    Welcome to slow-pitch senior softball.

  • Tenney’s game on the upswing

    ENGLEWOOD — If one was to identify Madison Tenney’s golf game they could come up with a number of qualities to define it.
    There is her athletic ability, the kind in which Evergreen head coach Mike Kuzava could tell her what type of shot she needs to hit and the Lady Cougars junior can hit it. A lot of kids can’t grasp that concept.
    There’s also her temperament. She is maturing not only as a golfer, but as a person, Kuzava said.
    “She is doing nothing but getting better,” he said.

  • New author finds her way in 'Prairie Journey'

    Evergreen author Frances Bonney Jenner spent seven years researching and writing her first book, “Prairie Journey.”

    For Jenner, who has spent most of her life working as a librarian, writing and publishing this children’s book is a realization of a longtime goal.

    “I’ve always had a dream to write,” she said.