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  • Sheriff's Calls

    Not so innocent raccoons

  • Jeffco Hall of Fame inducts Evergreen trio

    Three Evergreen residents who are committed to the area’s continued success were honored last week when they were inducted into the Jefferson County Hall of Fame.

    John Ellis, Hank Alderfer and Mike Moore were celebrated at a luncheon at Pinehurst Country Club. They join fellow Evergreen residents Sylvia Brockner and Dan Pike, who were inducted last year.

    This is the fourth year of the Hall of Fame, sponsored by the West Chamber of Commerce and Lakewood Foothills Rotary.

  • Our Readers Write

    One reason why opioid crisis exists
    In February, I quite the opiates and other meds I had been taking for 20 years to control my chronic pain.
    I have a long history of spinal issues, mostly cervical, which has resulted in eight neck surgeries, the last one an Occipital Cervical Fusion on Sept. 15. I am not totally fused fromC-7 to the skull — a curved bar bolts my head to my spine.

  • Heaven help us when it comes to Trump

    Greg Dobbs

    I have to vent.
    Many columnists across this country write volumes about the undignified, unprincipled, unbalanced, untruthful — and sometimes just flat-out unbelievable — nature of Donald Trump.

  • Mock drill brought seriousness, intensity of the situation

    I greatly anticipated watching and writing a story about Saturday’s active shooter drill at Evergreen High School. In fact, I was looking forward to it. I told our photographer it would be fun to watch.

    Then the first (fake) gunshot rang out. It wasn’t so much fun anymore.

    I was standing on the top floor of EHS with other visitors, looking down on the scene where the incident began. Even the expression on the face of Stacee Martin, a captain for Evergreen Fire/Rescue, went from expectant to serious and intense.

  • Preparing for the worst: A mock active shooting drill at EHS helps emergency personnel, school representatives in case an incident occurs

    At 9:55 a.m. on Saturday, gunshots rang out from the office at Evergreen High School — albeit fake gunshots — but it signaled the beginning of a mock active shooter drill that brought together more than 100 first responders to practice in case such an incident ever occurred.

    Two by two, Jeffco sheriff’s deputies entered the building, fake guns drawn, and they slowly cleared the school’s entryway, sending the pretend office staff and students out the building to safety.

  • Officials working to keep Morrison’s charm

    Drive into downtown Morrison, and the character of the town is undeniable. Eclectic local shops and eateries line Bear Creek Avenue, and the massive rock formations of nearby Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre peep through the tree line.

    The charm of the town is not lost on its residents. But for many, the question remains: Is it possible to retain the character and preserve the history of Morrison while allowing for inevitable growth and change?

  • Music from the heart: Evergreen’s Jeff Moyer uses his music to fight and to heal

    For Jeff Moyer, music is a tool — one that a musician who is blind has been using for most of his 68 years.

    At times, his music has been a tool in the fight for civil rights or rights for those with disabilities. In other instances, his music has served as a tool for connectivity and community.

    But mostly, the Evergreen resident, who has performed in 47 states and five countries, says music can be used as a method of healing.

  • Sheriff: Increased staffing helping with response times

    As it nears 100 percent of its authorized staffing, the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office is also closing in on its targeted response times to priority one calls, Sheriff Jeff Shrader said.

    Shrader presented the law enforcement authority report at the Board of County Commissioners’ Aug. 1 meeting, stating the office is still not where it would like to be on response to priority one calls, but it’s close.

    The response times were established 15 to 18 years ago after focus groups with area residents, and the times are different for each precinct, he said.

  • Pastor retiring from Bergen Park Church

    After serving Bergen Park Church since 1997, lead pastor Jim Demolar is retiring this month. His successor, Jason Freeman, a minister who currently serves in Texas, will take over as lead pastor on Sept. 1.

    Demolar, who was raised in Pasadena, Calif., first entered seminary in 1970, describing how he “squeezed three years of seminary into five,” as he spent time helping in ministry as well as studying theology.