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  • Our Readers Write

    Get over it, Trump is our president
    Thanks for showing the Courier’s very liberal bias by publishing three extremely liberal letters in the June 28 Courier. By doing this, you incite further riot and more extreme letters. You can be more balanced by publishing some of each per edition.

  • Sorry, grandparents, you’re not welcomed

    Greg Dobbs

  • Time to come up with reasonable solution

    What if the debate over health insurance was about what we support instead of what we oppose? What if the discussion included all 535 members of Congress instead of just those who happen to belong to the party in power?
    As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s ill-advised plan to ramrod overhaul of the Affordable Care Act through the Senate without allowing time to fully understand its ramifications failed last week, it is apparent the questions Congress is trying to answer are the wrong ones to ask.

  • Hundreds gather in Denver in support of Trump

    DENVER — For many, Fourth of July is a day for spending time with family, honoring those who fought for the United States’ independence and celebrating being an American. For about 100 people, Independence Day this year was a day for celebrating a president who they feel has not only given them a voice, but is also leading the country in the right direction.

  • Vintage-inspired boutique debuts at the Yellow Barn

    One year after it landed a new owner, Conifer’s historic Yellow Barn is now the site of a new business: Magpie Mercantile, a specialty shop offering a little bit of old and a whole lot of new.

    Launched by Jennifer and Paul Palmer, the expansive boutique was “opened by chance,” and is filled with a mix of antique and retro home goods, as well as new vintage-inspired items, candles, and other décor for the indoors and outdoors alike.

  • Local legislators critical of U.S. Senate health care bill

    Area legislators are not happy with the latest health care bill proposed by the GOP, calling the process under which it was drafted “ridiculous” and advocating for less government involvement in the health care industry.

    State Rep. Tim Leonard, R-Evergreen, criticized both the U.S. Senate and House for drafting their versions of the American Health Care Act — renamed the Better Care Reconciliation Act in the Senate’s version of the bill — behind closed doors.

  • Neville seeking re-election in District 16

    Colorado Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton) announced June 28 that he is running for re-election in 2018, in part to maintain Republican control of the state Senate.

  • EFPD exploring sale of Evergreen Meadows property

    After almost a decade, the Evergreen Fire Protection District is revisiting its bid to sell a property it owns in the Evergreen Meadows area.

    Discussed by the Evergreen fire board during an executive session June 13, the building is near County Road 73 and Malamute Drive, and was deeded to the fire department in 1975 with the requirement that it be used as a firehouse.

    However, according to Fire Chief MikeWeege, the department ultimately expanded in other areas around Evergreen and never used the property for its intended use.

  • Forest Service considering closing access

    Concerns about camping, unleashed dogs and unattended and abandoned campfires have led the U.S. Forest Service to consider closing access to both Maxwell Falls and the Cub Creek Park area, just south of Evergreen.

  • Inter-Canyon pushing for new volunteers

    For fire departments such as Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District, volunteers are everything.

    And in light of this, Inter-Canyon will be kicking off a push for more on Monday. Volunteer applications open that day and will stay open for a month.

    “Nationwide and in Jefferson County, as well as at Inter-Canyon, volunteerism (in the fire service) is on the decline,” said Dan Hatlestad, spokesman with Inter-Canyon.