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  • What makes a great school?

    Dr. Jason Glass, Jeffco Public Schools

  • It’s about decency, respect

    Aretha Franklin said it … R E S P E C T.
    By the time you read this column, I would bet that more men will stand accused of improper treatment or even sexual abuse of women. The steady stream of this type of behavior is truly amazing. Most Americans seem to be saying, it’s about time these unwanted acts are exposed and the perpetrators held accountable. I certainly agree with this sentiment. The common denominator seems to be the arrogant belief by powerful men that their status gives them the right to sexual favors.

  • EPRD unanimously approves 2018 budget

    The Evergreen Park & Recreation District’s Board of Directors unanimously approved its proposed 2018 budget, which projects approximately $6.6 million in revenues and $6 million in expenses.
    The budget also includes a 2.5 percent average merit/performance increase for salaries for all employees, along with a 1.1 percent increase for cost-of-living/minimum wage inflation.

  • Neighbors banding together to help March roof fire victim

    On March 19, Joseph Moorehead’s roof caught on fire. Nearly nine months later, he’s still figuring out where to live.
    The initial roof fire in March was spotted by some keen-eyed bicyclists, and at least two fire departments and 13 pieces of apparatus were used to fight the fire and haul water to the house near Evergreen’s Bluebell Lane.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Boarder crossing

  • Jeffco approves 2018 budget

    The Jeffco Board of County Commissioners adopted the proposed 2018 budget in which the county’s expenditures are projected to outpace its revenue. However, the commissioners urged at the Dec. 5 meeting that this cannot be a continuing trend.
    In the 2018 budget, the county has estimated $432.2 million in revenues and $556.1 million in expenses.
    Thus, Jeffco staff has budgeted $101.4 million in intra-county transactions and will withdraw $22.5 million from the county’s fund balance to make up the difference.

  • A ray of sunshine gone too soon

    Dear Maggie,
    I didn’t know you, but, by all accounts, you were a ray of sunshine. That’s obvious.
    The social media posts that popped up in the days after your disappearance and those that somberly appeared last Thursday after the Park County Sheriff’s Office confirmed your passing characterized the person you truly were to friends and family.

  • A glimpse into the past

    While fourth-graders at Bergen Valley Elementary School were fascinated by the mountain men of the early 1800s, they said they were glad they live in the 21st century.

    They were excited about learning that the Plains Indians called mountain men with beards “dog face” — a derogatory term — and how beaver pelts were worth $5 a piece, a small fortunate at the time.

    They learned Indian sign language, how animals were trapped, and about flintlock rifles, cooking and other everyday activities.

  • Christmas crafts of the DIY kind

    The Church of the Hills craft fair on Saturday in Evergreen wasn’t your typical event.

    Instead of crafters selling their wares to visitors, the visitors made their own crafts to take home. It’s really a do-it-yourself craft fair.

    Tables lined the church’s hall with stations for attendees to make mobiles, graham cracker houses, snow globes, twig trees, ornaments, reindeer food and more. At each station was a master crafter who helped both kids and adults make their crafts.

  • BOLO issued for suspect in Maggie Long case

    Remains of missing Platte Canyon teen identified:

    Platte Canyon HS senior missing: http://www.canyoncourier.com/content/platte-canyon-high-school-senior-re...