Today's News

  • Keys on the Green aiming to reopen in mid-March

    Keys on the Green restaurant at the Evergreen Golf Course is expected to reopen March 14, or about six months after a fire closed the popular landmark restaurant Sept. 20.

    The contractor, Tower One of Denver, is on track to begin work on the kitchen by Feb. 10, said restaurant manager Jim Sylvester.

    The reopening, originally scheduled for the end of November, has been delayed because it took longer than expected to design new custom-built ventilation hoods, Sylvester said.

  • Evergreen Audubon honors pioneering members

    Four people who pioneered the establishment of Evergreen Audubon, formerly known as The Evergreen Naturalists Audubon Society, were honored as the first recipients of the newly created Evergreen Audubon Founders' Award.

    Bill and Louise Mounsey, Sylvia Brockner and the late Bill Brockner started Evergreen Audubon in 1968 to help educate the community on environmental issues and on how to protect wildlife habitat.

    The four were honored at a ceremony during Evergreen Audubon's annual banquet Jan. 21 at Mount Vernon Country Club.

  • Evergreen man finds joy in helping the destitute

    James W. Jackson, founder of Centennial-based Project C.U.R.E., became a rich man by the time he was 30, but he didn’t find the wellspring of happiness until he gave up practically everything he owned except his house in Evergreen.

    In his newly published book, “The Happiest Man in the World: Life Lessons from a Cultural Economist,” Jackson, 69, explains how he came to the conclusion that divesting himself of his material possessions and $16 million in assets was something he felt compelled to do to maintain his sanity.

  • Burn planned near Cub Creek Trailhead

    Fire crews from the Clear Creek Ranger District may ignite slash piles this week near the Cub Creek Trailhead southwest of Evergreen.

    If conditions are found to be appropriate for burning, ignitions are expected to begin about 10 a.m.

    Smoke may be visible from Evergreen and in the Brook Forest area. Burning may continue for one week as conditions allow; conditions are assessed each day and throughout burning activities. Wind, fuel moisture, staffing and snow cover all are factors in where and whether ignition takes place.

  • Coney Island up for sale

    The Coney Island hot dog stand in Bailey has closed, and owner Ron Aigner hopes to find a buyer for the world-famous landmark.
    Aigner said the selling price is $500,000, which includes only the structure — plus condiments. He said he has two offers and had inquiries from as far away as Brooklyn.
    The structure, in the shape of giant hot dog, has been moved three times, from its creation in 1966 on West Colfax, to Conifer in 1970, and to Bailey in 2006. Coney Island’s next owner will decide its next location.

  • Don’t raise pay; trim session

    Campaigning door to door yields some interesting conversations. One day, as I was walking up to a house, I heard a voice from the back of the garage yell, “Who are you and what do you want?”
    “My name is Rob Witwer, and I’m your state representative,” I replied. “I’m running for re-election.”
    “Oh yeah?” the voice snarled, this time with more of a bite. “How much money do you guys make?”
    “About $30,000 a year,” I said.

  • Grosbeaks, syrup lovers appreciate box elder

    One of the few deciduous trees native to this area is the box elder, Acer negundo, also known as the ash-leaved maple. It is an interesting tree that has made its way all across the Great Plains with a little help from mankind.

    People brought this tree to their early homesteads and planted it in yards as windbreaks around their homes. It is still found in many yards and along many plains water courses.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    An unlikely escalation

  • Double-digit, below-zero temps greet early risers

    Talk about getting off to a negative start.
    Temperatures in Evergreen and Conifer plummeted well into the minus double digits by Tuesday morning in the wake of an artic cold front that pushed into the state overnight.
    The digital thermometer in her car read negative 18 degrees at 6 a.m. as barista Stephanie Stotts was heading to work at Cafe di Lucca in the Lakepoint Center at Evergreen Lake and Upper Bear Creek Road, she said.

  • ‘Strength, will and belief’: Spencer Page’s indomitable spirit keeps him on the court during cancer treatment

    Spencer Page was in the moment, not really listening to the crowd. He could hear them chanting his name — he definitely did, and it was electric — but his focus was on the game at hand. The feeling was almost as good as the 3-pointer the 17-year-old Evergreen High School junior would make moments later.