Today's News

  • Six in the running for four fire board seats

    Two new faces, Kenny Erhardt and Jeff Ashford, have entered the May 6 race for the four open seats on the five-member board of the Evergreen Fire Protection District. Both are longtime members of the volunteer firefighters’ organization.

    They will be competing for the jobs against four incumbents who have decided to run again: Jeff deDisse, Charles “Chick” Dykeman, George Goldbach and Lloyd See.

  • A tie that binds: Jeffco leash law

    With an abundance of dogs living in close proximity to a healthy population of mountain lions, the number of confrontations, injuries and lion attacks on dogs is on the upswing in the Evergreen area.

    But that’s only one reason why it’s a good idea to keep dogs on leashes at all times. The other reason is that it is illegal to let a dog off leash almost everywhere in Jefferson County, except on privately owned property. The other exception is designated off-leash areas.

  • Curious critters invade Hiwan Homestead Museum

    For the next few weeks, visitors to the Hiwan Homestead Museum would do well to look sharp. The place is crawling with Naugas.

    What’s a Nauga? Imagine a throw pillow with 2-inch claws, big googly eyes and a broad, toothy grin, and you’ve got the flavor of it.

    “I think Naugas look like something from Monsters Inc.,” says Hiwan program coordinator Meghan McGinnes, “but I’ve heard people say they remind them of ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ ”

  • Habitat resale store closes

    After nearly 10 years, the volunteers, donors and customers of the Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity Resale Emporium said goodbye to the store on Saturday, Feb. 23.

    In recent years, the store’s ability to raise funds for Habitat diminished, and Habitat decided to close the store on Bryant Drive.

    The store’s management said it wanted to thank all who have worked, donated or shopped at the store.

  • Ye ol' plastic not seen in Ireland

    Our friend Karel Buckley brought us an article recently from the New York Times on littering that was especially concerned with the use of plastic shopping bags. It contained some very pertinent information and reminded me of the early days of recycling here in Colorado.

  • Colorado caucus attendance amazing

    Hannah Hayes

    Grassroots democracy was the big winner at Democratic caucuses. In that spirit, here are some impressions from those who participated.

  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Jaguars sink Cougars in final minute

    DENVER – Evergreen made seven field goals in the first quarter of its boys basketball game Feb. 20 at D’Evelyn.

    Over the final three quarters, the Cougars would make just seven more shots from the floor.

  • White's fifth-place finish leads Cougars

    Evergreen’s girls swim season came to an end over the weekend with the Class 4A State Swimming and Diving Championships at Edora Pool and Ice center in Fort Collins.

  • Midwinter thaws offer scents, sights

    What happened to the January thaw? Something I have always looked forward to just didn’t happen this year.

  • Presidential race may affect house: Republicans root for Hillary

    This year’s presidential race is shaping up to be the most interesting and unpredictable in decades. Six months ago, conventional wisdom held that John McCain was finished and Hillary Clinton was heading for a coronation in Denver. So much for conventional wisdom.

    State legislators, like most Americans, are also watching the presidential race — but their interest also happens to be personal. Whom the parties nominate will have significant down-ticket effects, meaning that close state legislative races may turn on national trends.