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  • El Rancho residents leery of housing proposal

    When the folks hoping to build a workforce housing complex at El Rancho met with folks already living there, nobody went home satisfied.

  • Troutdale residents blast housing proposal

    That development remains a contentious subject in Evergreen was confirmed during a community meeting at the First Baptist Church on Tuesday evening, March 25.

  • The sole of Main Street

    Few businesses anywhere survive to celebrate a 30th anniversary, much less in the same location. Evergreen Boot & Shoe Service has done both.

    “We turned 30 on Oct. 10,” says Steve Repaz, the shop’s owner, sole craftsman, chief cook and bottle washer. “And I would never want to move. This location has become traditional in downtown Evergreen.”

  • Wuts^w/txtng?

    Once upon a time, adolescents were plagued by the thought of being grounded by their parents. Nowadays, it seems the worst possible punishment a parent can give is to take away their teenager’s cell phone.

  • Diabetes fund-raiser a true local gem

    Indeed, unless your precious trinket gets sucked into the garbage disposal or falls under a steamroller (it could happen), its value will last as long as its sparkle. Catch a few minutes of Antiques Road Show sometime if you don’t believe it.

  • Are the U.S. elections rigged?

    Hannah Hayes

    There’s a longstanding trend to expand voting rights as demonstrated by these amendments — the 15th bans race-based voting qualifications, the 19th extends suffrage to women, and the 26th enfranchises 18-year-olds. Choosing our leaders is fundamental. An election decided by the Supreme Court is contrary to U.S. standards. The image of a team of hired protesters banging on Florida’s election room door to stop a hand count still bristles.

  • Killdeer at home on golf course

    Spring is finally here!

    We may still have a snowstorm or two, but today it is spring. When you live in the mountains of Colorado with their variable weather conditions, you learn to take the good days when they come, and today it is spring. Going out to fill the birdfeeders, I found yellow-green daffodil shoots poking up 3 inches out of the newly bare ground and pushkinia in bloom along the side of our stone wall.

    Spring is here — no doubt about it — and I am grateful.

  • 'Cigarette Bandit' pleads guilty

    A second participant in a theft ring dubbed by law enforcement as the “Cigarette Bandits” appeared April 1 in court and pled guilty. Eugenia Isabel Duran, 24, pled guilty to theft, a class three felony, and was sentenced to five years probation. Duran was ordered to pay $47,589 in restitution.

  • Transportation panel approves I-70 toll, kills Romer's bill


    Despite vocal opposition from the I-70 Coalition, the Colorado ski industry association, trucking lobbyists, a contractors association and the mountain communities, the state Senate's transportation committee on Thursday passed a bill to enact tolls on I-70.

  • Bipartisan education reform bill introduced

    As I wrote several weeks ago, I’ve been working with Gov. Bill Ritter and a bipartisan group of legislators to craft a rigorous education reform bill to prepare Colorado’s educational system for the challenges of a new global economy. That bill, called the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids (or CAP4K), was formally introduced last week.