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  • Sheriff's Calls

    Wheel of misfortune

  • Volunteers reroute Dedisse Park’s path to Alderfer/Three Sisters

    Almost 100 volunteers spent National Trails Day rerouting the Dedisse Trail that connects to Alderfer/Three Sisters Park.

    Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado had 63 people clearing rocks and digging out 1,600 feet of new trail Saturday, creating a more sustainable connection between Dedisse Park and its neighbor to the west. Meanwhile, the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers had about 40 people restoring the former trail and closing it off from public use.

  • Church hosts cookout for first responders

    Between dozens of hot dogs, hamburgers and servings of potato salad, there were a lot of “thank yous” on both sides.

    Evergreen Christian Church hosted a barbecue for local first responders — including Evergreen Fire/Rescue firefighters and paramedics, the Alpine Rescue Team, and the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office — Sunday afternoon, as a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for their service.

    The first responders, in turn, were grateful as well.

  • Short-term fix lacking for North Lake Trail

    No temporary repairs will solve the ongoing issues with the north trail around Evergreen Lake, engineers have found. Instead, stakeholders will be considering short-term mitigation options to help prevent further erosion and instability with the retaining wall.

    Muller Engineering Co. representatives told the Evergreen Park & Recreation District Board of Directors both the retaining wall and the handrail along the trail are experiencing ongoing failures, and the corrosion in the wall support members is widespread.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Wheel of misfortune

  • Conifer high schoolers fund-raise for Kenyan school playground

    Sigomere, Kenya is nearly 8,700 miles from Conifer. A tiny village about an eight-hour drive from the African country’s capital of Nairobi, it’s home to a small community where the roads are largely unpaved, where the residents frequently dress in colorful clothing and where financial resources are scarce.

    Sigomere is also where Conifer High School’s Interact Club wants to build a playground for a school that serves disabled children.

  • Evergreen Fire Protection District moves forward with solar plans

    The Evergreen Fire Protection District is moving forward with plans to install solar panels on several of its fire stations, potentially ending a years-long conversation about reducing the district’s energy consumption through the implementation of photo voltaic energy and other energy-saving measures.

  • Evergreen residents turn out for new EFR auxiliary program

    Evergreen Fire/Rescue is relaunching its “turn-out” auxiliary program after operating for several years without one.

    Named after the gear that firefighters wear, the turn-out auxiliary team will assist the department with a variety of duties, including support of daily operations and assistance with non-emergency, non-response situations.

    Spearheaded by fire inspector Dan Hrouda, EFR began organizing the new auxiliary program in the spring after nearly two dozen people asked how they could help the department.

  • Education briefs

    School district purchases artwork from two South Jeffco students

    Jeffco Public Schools has purchased artwork created by students at 11 schools, including two in South Jeffco.

  • Early childhood education, career pathways cited in Mitchell’s bid for re-election

    Nearly two years ago, veteran Jeffco teacher and former Columbine High principal Ron Mitchell announced his bid for a seat on the Jeffco school board as three members of the then-school board faced a recall election. One of 12 candidates for the three seats targeted by the recall, Mitchell was ultimately elected as president of the board and replaced Ken Witt.