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  • Evergreen woman seriously injured in bicycle accident near Chatfield

    Triathlete and Evergreen businesswoman Julia Purrington was seriously injured in a bicycle accident on Rampart Range Road near Chatfield Reservoir on Saturday, Aug.22

    Richard Paradis of Vail was also seriously injured after hitting his head on the pavement and being transported out by Flight for Life. He was in Swedish Medical Center in an induced coma.

    Purrington’s friend, Kathleen Allen, was also in the riding group of six people, but she was not injured.

  • Evergreen man free on bond after car-bike accident

    The driver involved in a car-versus-bicycle accident has been released from a Denver hospital, and the bicyclist is out of intensive care and reported to be in fair condition. The driver is out of jail on $60,000 bond.

    Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies arrested Jeffrey S. Detlefs, 57, of Evergreen on a number of charges, including vehicular assault, DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury.

    The accident occurred Sunday afternoon, Aug. 16, on the eastbound ramp from Evergreen Parkway to I-70.

  • Jeffco government salaries

    Jefferson County government salaries 2009

    County Commissioners

    Administrative Specialist II 3367.00

    Commissioners Exec Secretary 5334.26

    Elected Official 7275.00

    Elected Official 7275.00

    Elected Official 7275.00

  • Gerou on panel studying fiscal strategy

    State Rep. Cheri Gerou is relatively new to the legislature, but that doesn’t stop her from weighing in on issues that have baffled the most senior elected politicians.

    As a newly appointed member of the state Long-Term Fiscal Stability Commission, Evergreen Republican Gerou is one of 16 people who have been charged with finding a way out of the state’s fiscal fix.

    Topping the agenda is the $873 million shortfall projected in fiscal 2010-11.

  • County cites Wah Keeney landowners on grading, drainage and erosion

    The county has issued zoning violations to several parties on the east end of Wah Keeney Park, where a developer separately is trying to build a housing project on the side of the steep slope off Spruce Lane.

    The developer, Tim Barbachano, was embroiled in a complicated lawsuit with neighbors Mike and Roseanne Paslay over his right to use a road on the Paslays’ property, which faces Larkspur Road.

    Barbachano won his case in court last year, but he is still in trouble with the county over erosion control.

  • Kids look forward to school year

    It’s been an exciting week for Evergreen children — new teachers, new school supplies, new clothes — and the 2009-10 school year has begun.

    Hundreds of Evergreen children began school Aug. 24 and are in the middle of getting reacquainted with class routines, teachers and friends. Expectations were different depending upon the age of the children.

    Kindergartners at Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen came to school for an hour Aug. 21 to meet their teachers and view their classrooms before the school year officially started.

  • OktoberPets now more fun - and important - than ever

    With August fading fast, pet lovers from Floyd Hill to Foxton are trying on their lederhosen, polishing the family steins, and making plans to hoist fork and flagon at the Evergreen Animal Protective League's rootin'-Teuton banquet and benefit, OktoberPets.

  • South Jeffco mom uses her battle with cancer to educate others

    Vicky Sullivan's Ken Caryl house party Aug. 21 featured all the standard fare: a spread of healthy treats, chilled wine and tea, and a large group of talkative friends.

    Mixed in, though, was some education on cervical cancer.

    The group got together to celebrate Kimberly Kopp, a South Jeffco mom known to many as the wife of state Sen. Mike Kopp. To this group of women, she's also a neighborhood friend who recently overcame a scary situation.

  • Lack of money grounds Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival permanently

    The Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival, an annual fixture at Chatfield State Park for nearly a decade, has been canceled permanently.

    "We just don't have the time or the resources in this economy to make this work," said Terry Smith, one of the event's organizers.

  • Ted’s Garden lives on at Mountain Home

    Friends of Ted La Montagne will be celebrating the well-known Evergreen resident’s life on Friday, Aug. 28, with the dedication of a charming patio garden in front of Mountain Home, 27965 Meadow Drive.

    The public is invited to the unveiling of the plaque at the garden’s grand opening as well as the artist reception for painter Betsy Buckner on Friday from 5 to 8 p.m.