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  • Herman Gulch trailhead, trails to be closed intermittently

    Beginning June 22, the popular Herman Gulch trailhead off Interstate 70 and segments of Herman Gulch, Watrous and Bard Creek trails in the national forest in Clear Creek County will be closed intermittently for removal of beetle-killed trees.

    The trailhead and trails will be closed for safety reasons three or four days a week, from Tuesday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Signs will be posted in areas where crews are working to warn visitors of tree-felling operations.

  • Remodel on hold at Evergreen Library

    Budget concerns have put the planned remodel of the Evergreen Library on hold indefinitely, the Jefferson County Public Library announced Monday.

    “These are uncertain times,” Priscilla Winter, Evergreen Library manager, said in a statement. “We remain committed to the Evergreen Library remodel, but we want to make sure we have enough money set aside to do it right.”

    Library officials cited budget concerns as the reason for the decision.

  • For Shirley, Evergreen Rodeo is daddy of them all

    For the Shirley family, rodeo has definitely become a family affair.

    Tim Shirley, 28, of Conifer will rosin his bareback riding rig and ride a bronc at the Evergreen Rodeo on Father’s Day, but this year it’s extra special — because in the stands will be his wife, Mindy, and their 11-month-old daughter, Rylee.

    Rylee is making the rodeo circuit to watch her daddy’s attempt to break a bronc and pursue the purse.

    Shirley works at Shirley Septic Pumping in Conifer.

  • Rodeo royalty: Conifer’s Katie White

     Lots of little girls dream of riding horses, their steeds’ flowing manes and tails fanned by the wind, and their dreams fanned by a desire to be the rodeo queen.

    One of those little girls now has a tiara on her custom-made cowboy hat. Katie White, 18, of Conifer is the 2010 Evergreen Rodeo princess, with her reign ending in December.

    “We’re the face of the rodeo,” she said, “and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

    The trail to becoming rodeo royalty has many steps.

  • Ads omitted from Courier's June 16 print edition

    Four ads were inadvertently omitted from the Courier’s June 16 print edition. The ads were for Carpet Mill, Lam Tree Service, Evergreen Vacuum and Spalding Trees. Readers can visit www.canyoncourier.com to view those ads online.

    Spalding Trees is planning a Tree Party from June 17-19 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and has extended the event to June 24-26. Spalding, on Kerr Gulch Road, will offer arboreal education and refreshments during the event.


  • Open space, closed government


  • A daring rescue after dark

    The Alpine Rescue Team of Evergreen is one of five Colorado search and rescue teams that won a Valor Award from a national association, for saving the life of a man with a broken leg near the top of 14,201-foot Crestone Needle, one of the most dangerous peaks in Colorado.

    The peak is 56 miles southwest of Pueblo, or about a five-hour drive from Evergreen.

    “People die on it every year. It’s very steep,” said Paul “Woody” Woodward, who was on the rescue mission July 27-28, 2009, along with eight other members of the Alpine Rescue Team.

  • A hail of a storm

    The hail that ripped into Evergreen last Friday was pea-sized and slushy, for the most part. But in some areas the precipitation was pebble-sized and icy, generating dozens of calls to insurance agents about dented cars, chipped window frames, battered decks, broken skylights and pockmarked siding.

    The damage in Evergreen was moderate, considering the amount of hail that came down. The extent of the roof damage is hard to evaluate until the adjusters get a chance to inspect the aftermath, insurance agents said.

  • Kaiser to open medical office on Evergreen Parkway

    Health provider Kaiser Permanente of Colorado says it will open its new medical office in Evergreen in an office complex that houses U.S. Bank and Nick’s Pro Fitness at 2942 Evergreen Parkway.

    The space will have 4,900 square feet on the first floor and will open in the fall. Kaiser first announced its intention to move into the Evergreen market in February.

    The new office will focus on primary care services, including internal medicine and family practice. There will be two physicians at first, with room for a third in the future.

  • Kind souls team up to fix immigrant’s broken body

    In his native Myanmar, So Reh had two serious strikes against him.

    The first was the current regime’s iron-fisted attempts to coerce social harmony within its troubled borders. As a practicing Christian, the married father of four was effectively disqualified from all but the lowest-paying jobs, forcing him to choose between abandoning his pacifist beliefs for military service, or letting his family go hungry.