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  • Outdated information clouds Transparent Jeffco website

    Jefferson County’s Transparent Jeffco website, a list of county expenditures aimed at informing the public about government spending, was up to six months out of date until the Courier informed the county of the lack of current information.
    Early this week, the most current procurement card expenditures, which include items ranging from Colorado Bureau of Investigation background checks to movie rentals for the jail’s inmates, were listed as July 6, 2010, from when the information was updated in late October.

  • Roll sisters: Mountain/foothills roller derby league begins recruitment drive in Evergreen

    Three hard-hitting recruiters rolled into this old mountain town last week, prospecting for ladies 21 and older who think they have the right stuff to be “Derby Girls.”

    “We’re starting a roller derby league for the mountain towns,” explained Brenda “Switchkitty” Barringer, a tall, slender and not especially menacing Central City resident wearing a gentle smile and a soft-pink T-shirt. “It’s called Old Mountain Town Roller Derby, and this is our first recruiting meeting.”

  • Party set to kick off sculpture fund-raiser for Spencer Page

    An Evergreen High School senior is using his sculpting talents to inspire fellow students and to help a classmate.

    Cameron Vogel, whose sculptures sell for thousands of dollars, is creating a sculpture called “Thinking Outside of the Box.” When completed, it will be 14 feet tall, and it will stand outside Evergreen High School to encourage students to push the envelope, and to be creative and unique.

  • IREA elections scheduled for this spring

    Residents interested in running for one of four open seats on the Intermountain Rural Electric Association board have until Feb. 23 to declare their candidacy.

    IREA customers will decide this spring who will represent districts 1, 2, 4 and 6. Districts 1 and 2 serve the U.S. 285 Corridor. District 1 includes the Conifer and Turkey Creek area, and District 2 includes Bailey, northern Park County and southwest Douglas County. The remaining three seats on the board are not up for election.

  • County opposes independent library district

    Efforts to create an independent library district in Jefferson County are being fought by the Board of Commissioners, who intend to keep the existing library system’s assets and mill levy, should an independent district emerge.

    The commissioners, who recently received a 1,354-signature petition favoring the new district, on Tuesday rejected the county’s participation in the venture.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Black ops

  • Commissioners delay repayment for loan linked to campaign contributors

    Jefferson County on Tuesday granted a decade-long grace period on a loan of more than $6.4 million to an undeveloped metropolitan district for construction of the C-470 and Alameda interchange.

    Green Tree Metropolitan District, which is governed by at least one developer who has contributed substantially to Jeffco Republican campaigns, borrowed the money in 2007 from the county to help construct the $17 million interchange.

  • Par for the c-c-c-course: Ice Golf Tourney brings bitter-cold bogeys, good times to Evergreen Lake

    Some ninety-one golfers took to the ice Sunday morning at Evergreen Lake during the inaugural Ice Golf Tournament.

    The ice popped and cracked beneath the golfers’ feet as tennis balls — used in place of golf balls — bounced haphazardly around the course, occasionally making their way into the numbered holes drilled a few inches into the ice.

    “It's great that they're doing this, and it's super-fun,” said Jordan Alexander Owens of Evergreen.

  • Fireplace fires nearly wreck two homes in Genesee

    Since the first of the year, two dangerous house fires have broken out in fireplaces in Genesee and burned through the walls to the outside, generating enough smoke and flame to attract the attention of passing motorists.

    Carlton Babb, chief of the Genesee Fire Department, is urging residents in Genesee Foundation, Genesee Village and Chimney Creek to have their fireplaces and chimneys inspected by a certified chimney inspector for buildup and wear at least annually.

  • Novel tackles motherhood postponed for career

    After 20 years as a successful career woman in the an era when women were still a novelty in the business world, Kim Rowley decided to trade in her single life in Los Angeles to concentrate on her marriage.

    She left the West Coast and joined her husband in a more low-key existence in the resort-like retreat of Evergreen. An enthusiastic golfer, Rowley was twice named women’s champion of the Hiwan Golf Club.