Local News

  • Special district elections coming up May 8

     The Evergreen Park and Recreation District and the Evergreen Fire Protection District will hold elections for new board members May 8.

    The park district will be seeking a replacement for board member Peter Eggers, who is not seeking re-election at the end of his four-year term. Current board member Janet Heck Doyle, who was elected in 2008, is up for re-election. Doyle said Monday she hasn't decided whether or not she is running again.

  • MALT helps save historic Conifer ranch

    With the help of the Mountain Area Land Trust, longtime Conifer residents Barbara and Tom Butterfield preserved nearly 4,000 acres of their high mountain valley near Pine from development forever.


    The last piece of the five-part process concluded in January 2011 when the couple transferred 285 acres known as Resort Valley Ranch East Homestead, south of South Foxton Road and U.S. 285, just past Reynolds Open Space Park.

  • Mountain lions attacking pets in Hiwan Hills


    The state Department of Parks and Wildlife has received a number of reports since Dec. 25 of pets being taken by mountain lions in the Hiwan Hills area on Ridge Road, Mossy Rock Lane, Buchanan Drive and Western Court, according to spokesperson Jennifer Churchill.

    Four attacks were documented:

    • On Dec. 25 at 9:30 p.m., a 40-pound dog was taken from a deck on Ridge Road while reporting parties were watching a movie. After they ran outside yelling, the lion dropped the dog and left, but the dog did not survive.

  • Fire department seeks new paid fire chief

    Evergreen Fire/Rescue inaugurated the search for a new fire chief as of Dec. 15, with the intention of having a leader in place by June 1.

    The in-house selection committee recommended at the October meeting that a new chief be hired to replace Garry DeJong, who resigned in August to take a job with the Lewiston Fire Department in Idaho.

    In the interim, volunteer firefighter Jeff Ashford, currently the deputy chief of fire operations, was named unpaid statutory chief. Fire marshal Frank Dearborn was named acting district administrator.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    A parting gift, perhaps

  • Radio to put Evergreen on same emergency wavelength

    After a $1 million overhaul of its radio system, the Evergreen fire department finally will be able to talk to the Clear Creek, Gilpin, Elk Creek and Indian Hills fire departments on the same radio frequency without having to borrow each other's radios.

    The money comes from a 2009 federal Urban Area Security Initiative grant of $711,000 and matching funds of $189,000 from the2009 Evergreen Fire Protection District budget. UASI is part of the Homeland Security Department.

  • Skate the Lake a cool way to ring in 2012

    A bit of cold weather didn’t deter about 3,000 people from attending the 16th annual Skate the Lake on Saturday night to ring in the new year.

    The Evergreen Lake House was standing-room-only as partiers – some in family groups and others with friends -- donned skates and chatted with music playing in the background. While some simply wore warm clothing, others were bedecked in 2012 hats.

  • Lessons of Fourmile Canyon Fire

    People who live in a wildfire-risk zone should create a wide swath of defensible space around their homes to have the best chance of surviving a wildfire, according to the preliminary findings of a recently released study of the Fourmile Canyon fire.

    The study concludes that fuel treatments such as creating shaded fuel breaks and thinning trees aren't effective when there is widespread spotting or rampant flying embers landing as far as a mile away and setting trees on fire.

  • I-70 reopens after 4-hour closure

    Interstate 70 westbound reopened Saturday evening after a four-hour closure due to icy road conditions and numerous accidents.
    The road had been closed from Rooney Road at mile marker 259 to Floyd Hill at mile marker 241.
    The National Weather Service is predicting a total of 3 to 6 inches of snow in the area before it dissipates early Sunday morning.
    The warm weather for the past few days is being blamed for melting the initial snowfall, creating icy conditions Saturday afternoon and causing vehicles to spin out and crash.


  • Freeze frame 2012

    A ferocious wind storm blew away the park district’s tent on Dec. 30, but the wind calmed down enough for about 275 enthusiastic jumpers to defy fear during the annual Evergreen Lake Plunge 2012 at noon New Year’s Day.