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  • Commissioners pass budget with potential pay raises for employees

    Some Jeffco sheriff’s employees are now eligible for overdue merit-based pay increases, after the county commissioners passed on a 2-1 vote Dec. 6 a budget that allocates an additional $1.4 million to the department for discretionary spending in 2012.

    Overall, the $476 million county budget cuts $600,000 from the 2011 spending plan and includes $3.5 million in funds to be used at the discretion of department heads, including pay increases for subordinates.

  • It’s official: Conifer, Evergreen to join Boulder in District 2

    Jeffco mountain communities, including Conifer and Evergreen, are about to become part of Congressional District 2, which is represented by Congressman Jared Polis, a Democrat from Boulder. The mountain towns formerly were in District 6, which has had Republican Mike Coffman as its elected representative since 2008.

    The switch became final on Monday, Dec. 5, when the Colorado Supreme Court issued a ruling affirming the Nov. 10 decision of the Denver District Court on a redistricting map largely designed by Democrats in September.

  • Holiday Walk goes car-less

    The 20th annual Holiday Walk in Evergreen strolled into a whole new dimension at 6 p.m. last Friday when sheriff’s deputies closed Main Street for three glorious hours of pedestrian-only festivities, causing parents to breathe a sigh of relief and non-parents to linger a little longer and walk around more.

  • Bergen signal light becomes permanent four-way stop

    County transportation officials have decided to remove the red-light-green-light traffic signal at Bergen Parkway and Sugarbush Drive permanently in favor of four-way stop signs with red flashing lights overhead, saying the traffic volume no longer justifies a light.

    Some local residents are concerned about the impact on pedestrians, especially senior citizens who live in the Rocky Mountain Village complex.

  • Newsletter item urging term-limit repeal questioned

    The Indian Hills Fire Rescue board used the district’s newsletter to constituents to urge voters to eliminate term limits for board members, and some in the district are raising concerns about whether that was legal based on state election laws.

  • Chamber reportedly moving to Stagecoach Center

    The Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, a longtime presence in downtown Evergreen, may be moving to the Stagecoach Center at Evergreen Parkway and Stagecoach Boulevard, depending on a successful contract signing.

    So far, the chamber has declined to release details of the move, which has been confirmed by anonymous sources. But the board of directors reportedly approved the decision in concept at a meeting in November. 

  • Sheriff's Calls

    Public dis-ordure

  • Picking up the pieces: In ‘It’s Going to be O.K.,’ local author examines defeat, resilience, and blazing your own trail

    Author Pamela Powers Lawson was expecting a stable, secure life, but instead it was a series of wild successes followed by poverty and disappointment, multiple forced personal re-inventions, and then renewed direction and possibilities.

  • Downtown trees a bright spot for the holiday

    Downtown Evergreen is lighting itself up more like a Christmas tree this year, thanks to Evergreen businesspeople who joined forces to beautify two 30-foot-tall cottonwoods next to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store.

  • Crowded trees find room to grow at Stagecoach Park

    Four mature blue spruce trees were extricated from the Lake House grounds and transported to Stagecoach Park as part of a $4,000 package of improvements to the fields off Evergreen Parkway and Stagecoach Boulevard.

    The project included a new seating wall behind the backstop, aluminum bleachers, six replacement trees and an ADA-accessible path from both sides of the park into the baseball backstop area. The slope behind the backstop was regraded to improve safety and reduce erosion.

    Before the bleachers, there was no place for people to sit and watch the games.