Local News

  • Sheriff lifts fire ban in unincorporated Jeffco

    Fire restrictions for all unincorporated areas of Jefferson County were lifted as of 9 a.m. Friday, May 13, due to cooler temperatures and recent rainfall, according to a news release from the Jeffco Sheriff's Office.

    The fire restrictions in the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest were lifted on April 26. Previous restrictions in place since April 5 covered all national forest system lands in Boulder, Jefferson, Larimer and Park counties.

    A spring storm produced between 1 and 2 inches of rain in the Evergreen area last Tuesday night and Wednesday.

  • Practice makes for preparedness

    A training exercise on Saturday brought mountain-area firefighters together to practice wildland skills before the heat really gets turned up.

  • Sheriff's Calls

    The table has not been charged pending a full investigation

  • Firefighters save home in Indian Hills

    Quick-acting firefighters extinguished a fire, saved a house and earned the thanks of a grateful Indian Hills homeowner Monday evening.

    Homeowner Jon Akers said the firefighters who responded were fantastic, and he’s grateful for their help.

  • Proposed zoning changes would allow short-term rentals

    The Jefferson County commissioners are mulling revisions to zoning ordinances that could allow short-term vacation rentals of single-family homes.

    County zoning staff presented a draft of changes at a May 10 meeting with the commissioners, who initially rejected the revisions, citing overly complex requirements the resolution would place on applicants.

  • Kids’ Rodeo Stampede focuses on fitness

    Kids: It’s time to get out your running shoes and hoof it over to the Evergreen Rodeo Grounds on May 28 for the Kids’ Rodeo Stampede.

    The Stampede, in its third year, is a family event with a goal to get kids active. It runs from 9 a.m. to noon. From preschoolers to adults, everyone is invited to participate.

  • Sparks fly over whether to close union negotiations

    Aspects of the Jeffco Public Schools budget were contentious, but more animosity was sparked among board members May 5 regarding whether to hold negotiations with employee unions in closed session. Though it failed on April 21 by a vote of 2-2, the issue was again raised at last week’s hearing, and a vote of 4-1 approved the measure.

    The prior vote was invalid, some board members argued, dismissing it on a technicality.

    The measure included a caveat that the Board of Education must direct a negotiating team before a closed session is held.

  • Bugged by litter: Evergreen couple round up a trove of trash in gulley by Safeway

    It's one thing to pick up the trash on your own street, but it's an entirely different level of selfless citizenship to pick up the highway and shopping center debris cluttering a steep ditch next to a public parking lot.

    The ditch is full of rocks, roots and branches, making the footing treacherous, but the litter is attracted to the rock-walled gulley as if it’s a giant Dumpster. The average motorist or passer-by can't really see the extent of the mess.

  • Value of average Jeffco home down 1 percent

    The average Jeffco home lost 1 percent of its value during the two-year period that ended June 30, 2010, according to an analysis of 149,000 homes by the county assessor.

    And the mountain communities were hit even harder than the county overall by the general residential-housing malaise and price depreciation.

    Notices of valuation went out to homeowners May 1.

  • Metro District to replace stretch of 1-inch water main

    The Evergreen Metro District is planning to replace 270 feet of the old 1-inch water main with a 6-inch pipe between 3000 and 3837 Ponderosa Drive this spring.

    The line will be extended 200 additional feet and a fire hydrant installed at the end near the United Methodist Church, 3757 Ponderosa Drive. The two residential properties now on the old line will be provided service through a temporary bypass line while the line is under construction.