Local News

  • Board grants fire chief 2 percent bonus

    Evergreen Fire Chief Mike Weege will receive a one-time merit-based bonus of 2 percent, following his annual performance review by the Evergreen Fire Protection District board last week.

    Weege's annual salary currently is $83,970. The bonus will be $1,679.40, 2 percent of the salary — for a total annual compensation of $85,649.40.

  • Sign takes a dive at Wild Game

    A billboard-style sign was lying in the parking lot of the Wild Game Entertainment Experience in Bergen Park on Monday afternoon after apparently falling from its metal roof moorings.

    Reached Monday afternoon, owner Dave Wilson said he didn't know what had happened to the sign but that he was working to get it fixed. It appeared no one had been hurt in the incident.

  • Winners of egg decorating contest announced

    Votes have been tallied and winners declared in this year’s egg decorating contest sponsored by the Evergreen Downtown Business Association.

    Winners received Evergreen Bucks gift certificates to use at businesses that are members of the EDBA.

    People’s Choice recipients received gift certificates to The Wild Game in Bergen Park.

    More than 100 eggs were featured in this year’s professional and amateur divisions of the contest.

  • Journey Community Church: story guide

    Here is a guide to all elements of the Canyon Courier's May 6 story "A loss of faith," an in-depth look at the rise and fall of Conifer's Journey Community Church.

    To read the main story, "A loss of faith," click here.

    For a timeline of Journey's history over the past several years, click here.

  • Bridge for connector trail installed at Evergreen Lake dam

    After weeks of delay, construction workers installed the concrete base of the bridge for the connector trail at the Evergreen Lake dam late Monday night.

    Before placing the sections of the precast trail on the two supporting piers, the crane operator set heavy counterweights on the back of the massive crane to stabilize it.

    "It's like fitting pieces of a puzzle together," said Dean Dalvit of the Downtown Evergreen Economic District, who has taken the lead on the project.

  • Regulations for church bonds

    Issuing bonds is not uncommon for religious organizations.

    “They do it all the time,” state securities commissioner Jerry Rome said. “They’re an entity that has the ability to issue debt. … It is in fact fairly commonplace for nonprofits like religious organizations to do debt offerings by issuing bonds.”

    Groups that issue bonds must:

  • Angry Llama left inspectors less than happy

    Journey Community Church’s Angry Llama restaurant venture was cited 36 times for violating 23 state food-safety regulations during routine and follow-up inspections between April 2012 and March 2014, according to Jeffco Public Health reports.

    Twenty-two of the violations were rated as critical by the county, which means they were more likely than others to contribute to food contamination or illness, the reports said.

  • Journey debts

    The Courier has confirmed that Journey had the following debts:

    • Nearly $17,428 owed to Jeffco Public Schools for rent at Conifer High, according to figures provided by the school district. The district has since written off the debt.

    • $5,500 owed to Grace Church of the Rockies, where Journey rented facilities and housing space for staff, according to Ron Lewis of Grace Church.

    • $942 to Evergreen Newspapers for advertising.

  • Journey’s ties to attorney fray after interview with reporter

    Longtime Journey Community Church attorney Michael O’Connor told the Courier in an April interview that it seemed clear the church’s financial status “wasn’t properly reported” on the prospectus for bonds the church sold.

    Not long afterward, O’Connor and the former church leaders apparently parted ways.

    “There was debt. There’s no way to say there wasn’t,” O’Connor said in the interview. “It should have been reported, and it wasn’t.”

  • A Journey timeline

    March 2008: Journey Community Church incorporates and moves to Conifer.

    September 2008: Journey begins holding church services at Conifer High School.

    March 2009: Pastor Michael Cheshire and some staff open low-price Detours Coffee on East Colfax Avenue in Denver, then close the shop in less than a year, break a lease agreement and leave unpaid bills to the property owner.

    April 2010: Journey opens the Angry Llama at Conifer Crossings.