• Re-enactment to have student stars

    Parmalee Elementary School fourth- and fifth-graders will be learning about the Revolutionary War up close and personal on April 9 at Bear Creek Lake Park.


    The 53 students will take part in a re-enactment of the Battle of Saratoga with an additional 400 area students — complete with costumes and fake cannon and muskets.

    It will be a sight to behold.

  • On a mission for a vision

    It takes great skill for a teacher to get students excited about a typically mundane topic.

    Evergreen Middle School’s principal has managed to get the entire school — students, faculty, staff and parents — excited about writing the school’s mission and vision statements.

    While most would consider writing such statements a tedious task, principal Kristopher Schuh began by getting students during their lunch break to write phrases describing the school and what they wanted the school to become.

  • Rhymes of the times

    It’s not easy to make Middle Ages poet Geoffrey Chaucer appealing to high school students.

    Iambic pentameter isn’t high on the fun list either.

    Yet students in a humanities class at Evergreen High School that combines 11th-grade world history and world English tried a contemporary approach.

  • Students can vie for chance to meet with Supreme Court justice

    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will be in Denver to help celebrate the ceremonial opening of the new Ralph Carr Colorado Judicial Center in early May. And 100 eighth-, ninth- and 10th-graders from Colorado have a chance to build a winning case for wanting to meet her.

    The Colorado Judicial Department is asking students to explain why they want to meet one of the top jurists in the country. Kids have until Friday to submit their essays to win a chance to meet with Sotomayor for two hours on the morning of May 2.

  • Walking the boards, on the sunny side

    With its cheery message that the sun’ll come out tomorrow, “Annie Jr.” will come alive this week at Evergreen Middle School.

    The show, about Little Orphan Annie who is adopted by billionaire Daddy Warbucks, is based on a comic book and a Broadway stage play.

  • EMS eighth-grader's freedom essay wins Sertoma Club contest

    Hannah Gurrieri, an eighth-grader at Evergreen Middle School, understands a little bit about freedom.

    Hannah, 14, wrote an essay about what freedom means to her and how having freedom means protecting the freedoms of others. Her essay was selected as the school’s Freedom Week essay winner by the Platte Canyon Sertoma Club.

    She wrote specifically about the freedom to voice her opinion and the freedom to believe in any religion or no religion at all.

  • Under your spell: Kids have ‘audacious’ time during annual bee

    The art of spelling is alive and well in Evergreen.

    In an age where spell-check is the easy fix, 17 students from Bergen Valley, Parmalee and Wilmot elementary schools and Evergreen Middle School competed Feb. 4 in the annual Evergreen spelling bee. In the spelling bees, students must spell out loud without any aids such as paper and pencil or computers. This year’s bee was at Wilmot.

  • Bergen Valley third-graders learn about homelessness

    Third-graders at Bergen Valley Elementary School learned a valuable lesson about the meaning of homelessness.

    The children recently heard from a speaker from the St. Francis Center, a day shelter for homeless people in Denver. The students wore pajamas to school to symbolize people who don’t have beds of their own, and they collected socks that the center distributes to homeless people, estimating that they donated more than 2,000 pairs.

  • High tech goes old school

    Evergreen Middle School is using new technology to teach old-school shop classes.

    With the help of video-making software, along with iPads and laptops, seventh-graders are learning how to use drills, lathes and other tools to create wooden cars.

  • Keeping the balls in the air

    Balls, scarves and rings flew through the air last week as Wilmot Elementary School students learned the art of juggling.

    Chris Morgan, Wilmot’s physical education student teacher last semester, returned for two weeks as an artist-in-residence to teach the children the hand-eye coordination needed to keep one, two and three objects in the air.