Chancey Bush
Hazel Niles, 1, smiles while holding two marmot stuffed animals during Marmot Fest at Staunton State Park on Saturday.
Creatures of habitat: Visitors to Staunton State Park’s annual Marmot Fest learn about the furry critters

There were marmots aplenty at Staunton State Park on Saturday, albeit in the form of toys, sock puppets and children performing marmot skills.

The fourth annual Marmot Fest taught children and adults alike about the little critters that live in the park and at higher elevations. Yellow-bellied marmots weigh from 14 to 16 pounds and are known as whistle pigs thanks to the high-pitched sound they make to signal danger.

This year, children and adults also could try out rock climbing in addition to other marmot-related activities.